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can I be a member.

I have messaged cwalterceW several times…no response.

Results of ADI Game 3

80 Donks entered the third ADI game of this quarter. @rivieramaya of the Silver Donks won the game ahead of Golden Donks @Phnx3 in second and @PF540 in third place.

Check out the ADI standings here (click on the All Donks In card to open the full standings).

Results of ADI Game 4

65 Donks played in the final ADI game of this quarter. @Yorunoame of the Golden Donks managed to win the game ahead of fellow Golden Donks @Danno in second place and @Panther101 in third.

Check out the final ADI standings here (click on the All Donks In card to open the full standings).

Congratulations go to @digger66 for winning this quarter’s ADI Series! A virtual ADI bracelet is coming soon.

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Congratulations to all who made it to the chips in the ADI. Well deserved.

Congratulations Digger for winning the ADI…Tough to do and you are tough enough! Way to go!

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Congrats - well earned …

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Well done Digger!

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someday you will be a contender snitty, until then, the hawl of fame awaits your permanent arrival…

Congratulations Digger!

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thank you Piers, just saw your kind message. and yes I’m sure I will be returning your chips!!


You know @Boricua25, a true HOFer doesn’t act the way you just did. It’s an honor to be a HOFer, yet you want to belittle snitts. Might want to check the attitude and act like the rest of us HOFers…with a little class.


I just hope i can become the star poker player that you are. Working towards that.

RELAX! It is an “inside” joke between snitty and I…talking about HOF, I have noticed your induction and I think it is totally unfair to snowman, he EARNED his way back, must be nice to have friends in high places…

Well, thank you snitty, I am “humbled” to be your inspiration!

I just want to clarify that being member of the Hee Hawl of Fame and being on list of members of the Hee Hawl of Fame league are not quite the same.

Winning a sanctioned quarterly leaderboard in one of our tiers (Gold, Silver, and previously Bronze) earns a Donk the induction into the Hee Hawl of Fame. This membership is essentially “for eternity”.

Being on the list of members of the Hee Hawl of Fame league at any given point in time just means that you’re eligible to play in the Tournament of Champions at that point in time. Active Donks who are also members of our Hee Hawl of Fame are always eligible to play in the ToC. In addition, chip winners of our regular weekly games are invited to one of the next ToCs.

12beat22 has won multiple quarterly leaderboards, has now returned to the Donks, and is thus eligible to play in the ToC. Both 12beat22 and _snowman_ had to start again in the Silver Donks tier when they rejoined the Donks. There was no preferential treatment one way or the other.


Thank you BW, maybe @Boricua25 will know his place now or at least get his facts straight before mouthing off…

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Not sure about other donks, but I’m mostly avoiding tournaments including league games until the “lag” issues are resolved. I don’t like the idea of investing a few hours into a tournament only to have the site freeze up at the final table. I’m sticking to ring games for now because I can simply leave when the lag happens. I know Replay will refund my chips, but I want to avoid the wasted time and frustration.