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gl to you.


Congrats, it was your best performance this quarter, clutch time!

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@FatnSassy big congrats, I am not in the league but love you got this as have always enjoyed when we have played the Deep and Slow in the past with Furn, always great poker when you are at the table and also great manners - I Tip my hat to you

Tiggs xxx

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snitty, our last two comments on the RTC chat were deleted, I think we are personas nan grata! Anyways, no hard feelings at my end, banter is good for the game!

2022 Q2 Awards and Advancing Silvers

Please comment here rather than in the league results and updates thread.

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Sorry BW just seen your message regarding comments ill delete mine on other post

Congrats all and thanks for running some great leagues with great people BW

Andres546, easywithAAAA, snowman, slader43, Ann122020, unskilld, bopflop, bdtillman, Lv52s CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was a pleasure to compete with you and satisfying to see your climb up the ranks! I have decided to stay in the silver league, I really like the camaraderie and the playing environment, it is a good fit for me! Anyways, make the SILVERS PROUD!


P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to the person who design those BEAUTIFUL medallions!


Congratulations to all, well deserved!!

Congrats to all the crown winners - well deserved. As well, welcome to the Golds for those promoted. GL and have fun.

@flashlight_gt very nicely done Lyle, the new medallions look fantastic !! Congrats to all the crown winners and the newly promoted Golden Donks well deserved.


Thanks Michael

Does anyone have a link to the golden donk avatar? It’s time to change my profile picture

Thanks for that. The aspect ratio of the gold one is unnecessarily wide. I guess I can just crop it myself though.

July 2022 Donk of the Month

It is again my privilege this July to announce the Donk of the month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

This month’s Donk of the month was part of “Team Donks” when we had a team. I’ve been told he loves golf, and that he loves his dog, who he has even had pictures of on his Donk shirt logos. Rumor has it that he’s quiet (mostly), but has a great sense of humor and enjoys making other players chuckle. And I’ve also heard him described as a very good, aggressive player that often flies under the radar.

He joined the Donks in October of 2019 in the Bronze tier and advanced to Silver in his first quarter. In his second quarter, he advanced to Gold by finishing second in the 2020 Q1 Silver Donks composite leaderboard. In the third quarter of 2020 he won a Golden Crown by by winning the composite leaderboard and was inducted into the Hee Hawl of Fame, and has five 2nd place finishes on the leaderboards.

With that, it is my honor to present ghomer with our medallion for the July Donk of the month.


Many thanks again to @flashlight_gt for the medallion.


Congratulations Ghomer for DOTM, well deserved!


Congrats Gary!
You da man!


Well thank you!

I guess i should provide a pix here for the plaque that hangs in the Donks cafeteria, in the back hallway next the men’s room. Although it’s generally out of order (thanks a lot, Ed.)

I haven’t played as much lately as my work schedule hasn’t permitted, but will try to see ya’ll back on the tables soon, and more regularly. (Not as “regular” as Ed.)

Also, to all the ladies, just want to say, sorry that the women’s room is also “down”. (That was wrong, Ed.)

Oh, and if you do make it back there to check out the plaque, remember to wear flip flops. (Freakin’ Ed.)