Bad connections, slow, whats the problem since we changed over to the new lay out?

I want to report a problem with the new site, since the changeover its slow and I see loads of players having bad connections, losing their connection every other hand. I see my cards appear very slow like they are stuck and then get released. Playing 2 tables makes it much worse, so I try not to play 2 tables anymore… Is it me or is it worse since the start of the new lay out?

Hi ronvisser,

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time using the site since the switch. It’s honestly hard to say what could be causing these connection problems because there are so many different factors. The easiest place to start is to run through this list we have of things you can check on your side:

And if you continue to have problems, there’s a list at the bottom of the article of information you can send our support team. That will at least help us narrow down what the problem could be and then our tech team can investigate further.

Cheers, Lesley