Bad Beats vs. Bad Wins

Do others find it funny that we all have bad beat stories but nobody wants to tell a bad win story? There have been plenty of times I’ve called a big bet, looked at my hand a second time, and thought “now that was a stupid call” and then – boom! – hit on the river where I had no business being in the first place. I’ll take the win any day, but I can also recognize that I got it due to amazing luck that overcame my foolish play. In other words, a “bad win.”

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There are no bad wins, especially if it’s me on the winning end.

Here’s me with one of countless “bad wins”. Though I have to agree with Craig that it’s not a bad win if the chips slide my way, LOL.

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Ahhh… this just today probably counts as a bad win too:

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Wowee, nice betting all the way thru :+1:t2:

I completely miss-remembered the hand I described previously, I checked my hand history, it was not as I remembered, and as I said was very very drunk. The real hand was even uglier than I remembered. If anyone can tell me how to put it up on here you can see for yourself. :hot_face:

Here’s a hand from last night. 6-handed. Blinds are 100/200.

I am under the gun, and I minraised to 400 with Queens. Both the small blind and the large blind call. All 3 stacks in the pot are roughly the same size.

Flop comes A99 rainbow. I check. SB shoves,BB calls, I fold.

What do you expect to see here? My assumption was that one player had an ace and the other had a nine.

They flipped over their cards. SB had AQ and BB had pocket 8s. On the run out BB spiked an 8 on the river.

Atrocious play all around? This was a 1 million chip buy-in tournament, and the player who won his hand was somebody who I had previously rated as a competitive tournament player. Why shove on the flop with a pair of aces when any 9 has you beat? Why call with 88 when any Ace or 9 or large pocket pair has you beat?

Later on in the tournament I was able to eliminate the same player who won that hand. I had A6 off and the flop came AA6. Opponent made a massive bluff on the river, I reraised him all in, and he called, having paired a queen on the turn.

Moral: Know Thy enemy.

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A drunk bad tempered Swamp :hot_face:

And a win it was !

True, when I checked the hand history yesterday I actually left the table about 1200000 up. Wasn’t pretty though :slight_smile:

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lmfao, u do make me lol for many reasons:).