Bad beats / suck outs

tell us your worse bad beat/suck out it can be a game you played live or can be game while playing here at replay poker
if its a live game tell us how the hand was played out did you limp in or did you shove all in preflop etc…

would love to hear other players stories

for me I think this was the worse bad beat I have suffered on here I was shocked player called with 4 King off suit I was happy when the flop came but not to happy after the river and really nothing I could have done different even if I had limped in

The worst beat I had at replay was when I had a set and went all in and the other player had top pair and called. He hit runner runner to get a better full house than me and won.

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Let us consider the mathematical percentages concerning hands. You are looking for a card. Mr. Wacko Crazy, who calls with any card combination, is also looking for a card. The chances of hitting, for both of you is about the same. The fact that an unbelievable number of players will bid wildly with little consideration of percentages will increase the number of suck outs considerably. The problem is not the site. I believe that your managing group is being very polite in not indicating that the problem with the proliferation with suck outs is due to the great number of wild players who will bet on anything.
How to deal with pre-flop jumpers, pushers and all-inners? Perhaps the answer is patience. Eventually, these players fail. How long has it been since you saw a player carefully manipulate others into a trap? The standard rule is All-in vs all-in. This is not poker, but there are ways to avoid conflicts and patiently wait for your turn.


limp than strike

couldn’t of said it better myself,lol

I have less of a problem with players who put a bad beat on me than with the ones who whine about their AA getting cracked, as if their opponent cheated them out of a sure thing.

heads up AA will get beat by 27o 11.57% of the time or about 1 in 9 times.

They should rejoice that they have an opponent who will call their all in with 27o, (extreme example but it happens)

Of course bad beats sting and we are apt to remember them but they are just variance and you will see more of it online then live and much more at a free money site. AA vs 27 38 59 46 all off suit, will win only 52% of the time.

The only guarantee you have in holdem is 2 hole cards.

good post Anhaga74 I play like I would in a real game, and I have a hard time understanding some of these calls players make. yes I know its play money and all that, but still players make calls that make no sense and somehow end up being the winner vs live game they would probably fold.

to harley57: if you checked out my hand, link above, it did’t make a difference if I had limped in and then as you said strike. player would had still call me all the way and the end result would had still been the same there was no way neither of us was going to fold and all the chips were going in the middle

limp in is sometimes wrong play cause you allow a hand like 3,7 to call flop may come 3 J 7 now you have pocket AA, the flop looks pretty good for AA so you bet whatever and get called by this player. the turn card 6 river card 2, now again AA looks pretty good but you lost because you allowed player call with a hand that if you had raised proper would had folded in a heart beat, but then again this is play money poker so he may have called no matter what you had done. now I would had folded cause 1 it does not make sense to call a significant raise with 3,7 and 2 with a significant raise I would put you on a hand like AA KK QQ AK etc… where another play may think yeah he probably has one of those hands and say this is play money what the heck i will go for it and call, and ends up winning

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I was playing at a table with one of the players in this hand and player posted the link in the chat. I was curious and wanted to watch the hand. I feel bad for players that were involved in the hand except for the winner of course lol. check it out all


This is a joke, not directed at anyone here but at every one who has ever played poker .

What is the difference between poker players and puppies.

Eventually puppies stop whining.

: ))

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Suck outs happen because luck is a part of this game. The skill required to play the game well can be learned fairly quickly if you’re focused and look for the knowledge. Managing the the luck is far more subtle and difficult to learn, for long term success at the tables.
I stole and paraphrased the above so do NOT quote me….LOL.

If you are not aggressive with AA (or any other premium starting hand) pre-flop to thin the herd - you deserve to get sucked out on….
most of the time :wink:

Heh, absolutely love that the next post is by a Doggie. =)

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HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s good

i have placed to much confidence in top pair top kicker. i bet way to much
and think i have the nuts when i do not.
i found this written advice from a poker forum.

When you are deep in tournaments i think you need to adjust your betting a bit. There is no reason to risk your entire stack on just top pair, Many times people will hit their turn set or hit their draws, but thats why you should value bet the flop turn and river to give yourself more information about where you are in the hand, Keep your chips up and keep it moving, There is no reason to risk your entire stack unless the blinds are very deep and you have like 25 or so BBs left w top pair. This is why many pros bet something like 1/3 pot on flop so much, to give themselves more wiggle room to figure out where their opponent is coming from and what cards they may have, and if you watch professionals they will let themselves get bluffed over and over again until they have something they know is very far ahead and then bust their opponent hard. This is the better way to play the tournament, Dont risk your chips unless you absolutely have to. Good luck at the tables.

like i said i did not write this, someone else on the internet did.
sounds like good advice though.


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Indeed sphere234, THESE 2 lessons are some of the hardest to learn. The cause and effect is so subtle, but they will make the difference in breaking through the bubble to go even deeper and (hopefully) win a few. Pay attention to the short stack play in the statement above, in particular.


@gatzby thanks for the post, what a cowinkidink.

@Boom_Doggie, Couldn’t agree more dog.

That hand looks like something from a James Bond movie. Just sick. That’s poker sometimes.

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Hah, we’re all grateful it had significantly less explosions than your average Bond film though!

It’s pretty sad that we just accept these clearly ridiculous hands at face value. To each their own, don’t complain when you get to a real poker table and don’t hit a flush every other hand.

I was about to create a new topic just like this :smiley:

Here are my favourites on RP: