Bad Beat Stories

You math is correct when the shove happened. 12 outs twice in a 44 card deck. But I improved on the turn and dropped him to 9 outs once. That’s what you hate to see. Yeah he didn’t spike a 2 outer or something wild like that, but I was ahead, improved, then lost. You hate to see it.


River beats happen all too often … I kind of get it if the player has a lot of outs with like a double ended draw and higher cards and they call on turn but those ones that hit on the river from an all in on flip and it’s their only card left are just brutal. It’d be great if there was insurance type thing on those where the pot is split haha as I find it takes skill from the game


2 bad beats in 2 hands and i lost 55 mill,forgot who it was i played against,only he was 10 in ranking!

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Hand #721047708

[Hand #721047708 · Replay Poker ]
Flop quads…and lose to runner runner AA’s That is a bad beat


My first ever live casino cash tournament. Three hands in.

To my right: All In (JJ).
My hand: Call (KK)
To my left: Call (AA).

Double elimination.



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Typical Aces cracked :smiley:

Hand 889446242


I want one :wink:

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It’s not a bad beat, but if you run in situations like this it’s really hard not to get broke:

Full House over Full House

I had A of hearts and 4 of spades. :grin:


Ok it’s Sunday night, this is just this weekend since Friday night (all live poker I’m not even including several more from Replay) I believe all of these were all in before the river mostly before the flop.

I turn broadway straight, opponent hits boat on the river

I have 8 6 flop comes 4 5 7 I have the nuts at the time with the straight, turn comes 4 river comes 9 opponent turns over 4 9 boat on the river

I have Pocket Kings
Opponent has Pocket Jacks
First card on the flop is a Jack

Sunday (today)
I have Pocket Jacks
Opponent has Pocket 10s
10 comes out on the flop

I have Pocket Queens
Opponent has Queen Jack
There’s a Jack on the flop and a Jack on the turn

I don’t do exact math calculations but I know I had my opponents clearly dominated on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE. There was no coin flips here like I’m sorry if your Pocket Queens lose to Ace King but they had two overs and it’s almost a coin flip. None of these were that.

It’s live poker where we take turns dealing and shuffling so there’s no possibility of rigging. I can only think one thing I am cursed. Like what is the likelihood of this all happening in one weekend.

But no one can tell me poker is 100% skill what was the skill in calling my big bets or all ins with the worse hands and you hit your card and end up winning? If it’s possible to make certain community cards come out that skill is one I admit to not knowing how to pull off.

This all really happened not trying to get anyone’s sympathy but just imagine how you would feel if all these happened to you in two days and even more on Replay. I rarely ever witness other players get a bad beat on the table I’m on at all their cards hold up well while mine just get destroyed over and over again. Even someone I play with regularly has started pointed out how unlucky I get every time I’m on the table with them.

Just happened on Replay pocket Queens I hit a Queen on the flop, called all the way down they hit a straight on the river.

I had this happen in a live 5/10 game a few weeks ago.

Bingo idiot sits down at the table. He appears to have been drinking and I can tell he’s not going to be playing tight aggressive exactly. The instant he sits makes a remark about a hand in progress, implying what one players cards are. Something you never ever do, which further tells me he’s an idiot.

First hand he plays he open shoves preflop into 7 players. Everyone folds and he proudly shows 76 suited, saying it’s his lucky hand.

A few hands later I have TT. He makes a standard open raise, I 3bet and he 4 bets me huge. I flat call and we go heads up to the flop. I’m planning to go all in on most boards. The flop has no overcards, and he goes all in. I snap call. The turn and river are both 2s and he shows 32 offsuit.

I double him up and he immediately leaves the table to play 10/25.

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Now it’s happening more and more on Replay.

Flop comes Q-5-Q, opponent bets big I had a 5 I didn’t put them on the Queen I re-raise they calll, turn comes 9 I was right they had Jack 9 absolutely nothing just betting for no reason on the flop and calling my re-raise with air only to hit on the turn.

Flop comes 2-7-2 I have King 7 opponent has 7 6 turn comes a 6.

Just two examples of a dozen today alone it never ends I’m about to quit playing forever. My cards rarely ever hold up it doesn’t matter if it’s real poker or Replay. Why even play. I consistantly make the correct reads have my opponents beat only for them to hit their 2 or 3 outer every time. Tell me the skill that’s involved in my opponent constantly calling me with the worse hand and just hit their cards? This is bingo not poker. When you make bad calls you should have to pay for it, but when you do it against me you get rewarded.

I have some skill at this game with very low luck so I have no chance to win when this continues to happen.

Some of the bad beats I’m reading about can be avoided by not playing with trash.

I just bought into a $31.50 PKO. Literally the first hand I had AA. I opened from UTG, villain 3bet/called my shove with KTs. Board ran out KxxxK

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So not a specific bad beat - got plenty of them I could cry about just like everyone else… (HEY - there’s no crying in Poker!!!)

But this has been fun as I continue to defy the odds (and not in a good way), and it’s been an epic streak! Here’s a snippet of my last 7 hands that were all in against one opponent (not sure how many hands they were spread over, but a lot), with the odds given at the time of showing our hands. Not giving the hands themselves - just the odds how they stood we showed our cards and who won:

  1. I’m favored at 54% - I lost (ok, it was a coinflip)

  2. I’m favored 76% - I lost (well, this ought to make up for the last one and I can… wha?? DAMMIT!)

  3. I’m favored 77% - I lost (maniacal laugh - what else can I do???)

  4. I’m the underdog. (Yeah!! Maybe working the other side of the odds will help me… nope.)

  5. I’m favored 100% - so yeah, I won. (I say “favored” because I just couldn’t be sure of anything anymore. I mean, is 100% REALLY 100% percent? I bet on a quantum level I could still lose this one.)

  6. I’m favored 70%. Do I really need to say it?? Do I??? (Oh poker God, what have I done to offend thee???)

  7. Underdog. Lost. (It’s OK, it’s OK - I’m getting used to this!! But his one was special! Pocket nines for me and a nine on the flop!!! Yay me! Oh wait - pocket Aces for the other guy and an Ace on the flop. I’m in hell, aren’t I?? I thought it would be hotter…)

  8. I’m favored 76%. Lost (TAKE MY CHIPS!!! JUST TAKE THEM!!!)

oh well…

Today is another day. Tune in next week for another episode of “Defying the Odds!” (Maybe I can get Netflix to pick this up?)


I’m a Netflix subscriber :+1:t2::joy:


The worst bad beat I remember happened in about 2005 or so.

I was at a final table of a low buy-in tourney (probably $10 or $20). I had pocket 8s and flopped middle set. Betting happened, but I forget the specifics. Anyway, the river was the last 8, giving me quads.

I got it all in and my opponent turns over a straight flush. As it turns out, that last 8 filled his gutshot draw. It cost me at least a few hundred bucks.


I was in the blinds both times I don’t play trash but I will defend my blinds if there’s no raise like everyone else.

lol, called an ace/8 os all-in pre-flop and was also called by king/5 of clubs for a split pot, the A/8 made a straight and the K/5 made a flush :frowning: