Bad Beat Stories

Had any bad beats recently that made you simmer inside? We all have. Feel free to vent here. I can start…

Today, I would have been ITM if my QQ would have held up against AK. The flop looked wonderful. Then the turn came with an Ace, which made me hope I would river a queen. No luck.

Hi eberetta1,
We can all empathize with you for busting out before the money, not much worse than working your way through the field only to bust out just before the payout. Adding insult to injury, to see those beautiful ladies being taken down.
Your bad beat story of the Queens going down to AK makes me ponder when is a beat a “bad beat”.
Someone, with much better understanding of the statistics than me, will be able to tell you the exact percentage for where the ladies will fall to AK, which I am sure is quite often.
Given that this beat is quite frequent, is it the situation rather than the hand that makes someone feel a beat is a bad beat.
I have a bad beat badge where quad 8’s went down to a straight flush. However, it is the badge that I think is my least deserving, as I did not consider that it was bad beat. They had flopped the straight flush, I hit quads on the river. It was a poor read by me, and beautifully played by them to get me to put all my chips in on the flop when i hit the set on a diamond board.
So i ask - is it the hand, is it the situation, is it the time in the tournament? When is a beat a “bad beat”??


It’s only a bad beat when it happens to you. All of us get trapped one time or another. Live to play another day.


I believe after being knocked out of a tournament on this site, I get displayed in a short summary, like 3 hands that were mine and displays my hole cards for those hands.

One is titled best hand during my game, one is titled my last hand, and one is titled bad beat. I believe when I saw the bad beat title displaying my QQ, I assumed the software may have swayed me to believe I took a bad beat.

Either way, a day later I go all in 11k chips with AK preflop and still lose to a larger stack of 21k chips who calls with 8 10 off suit. I think due to the situation in both games, that I stood a good chance of being ITM if the hand goes my way and fold down the rest of the game, I consider both games a bad beat due to the situation. I know the odds, big chip stack wins 90 percent of the time with any 2 cards, so I should never call a bigger stack or raise if a bigger stack plays after me no matter my cards.

You’ve been awarded a Bad Beat Achievement Award :joy:


Bad beats can easily be categorized according to how many outs the opponent had.

If the opponent only has one out on the river, for example in a set over set situation he makes quads on the river, or you have the nut flush and he makes the straight flush, that is the worst kind of bad beat.

The worst beat from the flop would be if the same card value hits both the turn and the river, giving your opponent an unlikely quads over your boat.

I’m on a six max table getting squeezed by a player who had many more chips than I, and had already put me in push or fold situations.
I finally called all-in with 77 and position. He rolled AA.
I like to think I’m all for fair play, but suddenly I’m shamelessly screaming at the monitor “Gimmie a seven”, And there it was. I get half his stack, and go on to almost win it.
I can’t remember how I lost the final heads up, but I’m guessing I got screwed by the river.

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just see Royal flush on my table I’m crying

My vote for the worst bad beat is to lose with the idiot end of a str8 flush

That’s true almost all the time Craig but not always. One of my worst bad beats was all in for a tournament win. I pushed all in with pocket Aces and was delighted to be called. My opponent called with you guessed it pocket Aces both red. I lost to running diamonds to give him the nut flush.

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There you go. Never go all in with pocket aces. They usually let me down.

Not like it was Quad Ks vs Quad As but ouch none the less, each on trip holes each hit quads at the same time…Hats off VNH (and rida on 8s AGAIN)
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Most bad beat stories are as interesting as those about the fish someone almost caught. Don’t expect this one to be any different.

This was some years ago at the final table of a $5 buyin real money online tourney.

I had pocket 8s and flopped a set, and there were 2 spades on the board. Betting happens, but I forget the details.

Anyway, the river is the 8 of spades, giving me quads, and we get it all in the middle.

The 8 of spades just happened to fill my opponent’s gutshot straight flush draw.

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Where do I start…I have been running bad for 3 weeks now,doesn’t matter I could flop quad aces shove and someone will call and river a royal on me.My question is when does it stop? Just wish there was no river card in holdem way way way to many river suckouts on here jmo…Poker is fun and great folks on here I enjoy playing but getting hammered by the river card for horrible beats all the time here lately sucks!.Any way good luck at the table all you card sharks.

it doesn’t stop. months and months I’ve been running bad. I might have a decent tourney, but its back to unplayable hands and when I do get a good hand to play, it get beat. or hit a good hand and still gets beat.

this just happened to me. nothing else could I have done different. just a cooler. its only way I get beat.

I hear you bro…same here.