Back to the drawing board

last few weeks of poker has been truly exciting…luck point of veiw i was pretty much untouched for this period of time…yes of course to a degree of skill level and grinding it out but was very lucky…i say that for all that is changed in the past few days…
unable to hit straights inspite of having open ended cards on over 20 occassions
unable to hit the flush inspite of 4 of them in hand(2 in hand and 2 on the flop)atleast 8 times
Aq Ak being beaten by lower pairs and even quads
sets are not holding
losing premium hands to 37,4j,29,48 cant help these players they call with a raise and manage to hit 2 pairs on the flop with these pathetic hands.
bubbled twice
card dead completely on final table

so whats changed? everything…how does one explain this?

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