Back to form

After a fairly horrendous month of ups and downs, I think I’ve finally turned it around and gotten back to the form that I consider acceptable.

I’ve been rage-tilting through slides for the last month, winning 2M chips in 2 days and then going on a 2-3 day slide where I couldn’t hit a hand and dropped it back down, furious that every good starting hand that I would raise would either not connect with the board at all, or connect with it only to be destroyed by something better across the table. In mid-November, I peaked around 22.4M chips, dropped as low as 20M, bouncing up and down like a ping pong ball, presently sitting on 22.6M and a couple of big bonuses due from the Astral League.

I re-centered, found my patience, and emotionally let go of losses, and stopped throwing away chips when I knew I was beat, and quit giving up. I started hitting hands, started making comebacks when I went down, and finished 52% ITM with 79% profit in SNG play.

How’s your week been?

Week 90
Wins - losses 11 - 10
ITM% 52%
Wins 6
2nd place 4
3rd place 1
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1
7th 2
8th 0
9th 2
Entry fees 2,100,000
Winnings 3,762,000
Profit 1,662,000
Profit % 79%

Just peachy, till I say anything…
Nov 28 Forbidden City (NL Holdem) +5,186,960 , 500k buyin
Nov 27 Tasman Sea 2 (NL Holdem) +1,987,460 , 2m buyin
Nov 26 Grand Canyon 2 (NL Holdem) +3,816,000 , 5m buyin

I’m sure I’ll start giving back, but that Forbidden City table
was prolly the best table I’ve gotten … in a very long time. It
felt like a MTT, when you just catch fire… very rare.