Back from the dead... have you ever...?

Have you ever got into a multiplayer tournament a bit late, find that everyone on your table has big stacks, and you just cannot get a look-in? That is what was going on in my last tournament which was 50K to buy in.

Down and down and down until I was below 1000 chips, and tossed my remaining 850 chips into the pot.

So, a moment later I had almost quintupled my stack in one toss of the dice, thanks to opponents who all wanted to join in and trample on my corpse and just succeeded in blocking each other and rewarding me.

After this hand it was still hard going and I was nearly always close to the bottom of the leaderboard, but fortunately a number of opponents managed to commit suicide or jump into pots all-in en masse like lemmings, and I finished up in second place and won over half a million chips. Should have been better, but I am no good at heads-ip and tend to lose patience.

One of the advantages of playing a lot of games free online is that you get to the stage than you do not get excited about making a final table. I am sure that with a lot of players their heart rate is running at 120 and when they see something that looks like a good hand primitive urges take over and they forget their table manners and just shove, regardless of the table, chip, and prize money situation. In this tournament with six players left and one being absent and almost blinded out, three stacks all got all-in together, with the result that two stacks were eliminated, followed by the absent stack a minute later, and I was three places higher in the money without doing a thing.

You could also put yourself into more situations where you’re playing HU and working to improve that part of your game both strategically and mentally.

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