Babbel from me

What a day at the table, started lousy and it continued lousy, until you got used to twice what you had :slight_smile: So typical of me to try Half a mill trill, why not, I usually play better against good resistance, sharpen myself in some way, went well came fifth, no chips, but put mplet to get to the last table, training for RTC, is not used to playing such tournaments, one thing that struck me is that everyone is so focused on winning and so tight, nothing wrong with that but I like to give praise if someone does something good or so and to get it myself! I do not know why I joined that tournament, it was fun, but it will take time to collect those 500K! It’s a beautiful game !! Wish you all happiness in life and on the tables! I’m grateful for Replay and there are wonderful people here !!

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Glad you enjoyed it! I play the half mill thrill sometimes and the standard of play is not bad. Most fairly competent tournament players play tight early on where the blinds are low, unless they get big pairs, in which case they try to double up, but switch up their game in the second hour.

My observation is that when players who appear to have bought into the higher priced tournaments by purchasing chips play in the higher entry tournaments versus players who have won their chips the old-fashioned way, they tend to play a very wild game with huge overbets and massive bluffs, but eventually they get picked off after about 45 minutes as the blinds go up and other players cotton on to their style. Once everyone has seen that a player likes to shove the flop with any pair, then they will wait for 2 pairs or a set and take their whole stack.

If you win with a massive bluff, it is not a good idea to show your cards, because, while you may want to taunt your opponents, if you are showing that you called a large preflop raise from out of position with Q 5 offsuit, or you 3-bet with that hand, that is what your opponents will make a note of for future reference, plus the fact that you make overbet bluffs.

Anyway, congratulations on your 5th place finish. Maybe next time you will do even better.

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