B&R torneys

Ive been playing the bankroll builder tourneys and been having a bit of fun. Ive got two comments on these games. First, I think the add on should be 10K. It can be expensive to stay in till the add on and the reward for doing so should be greater. Second, when you rebuy, you cant while your involved in a hand. I think you should be allowed to buy when in a hand, but the chips don’t become available till the end of that hand.

And a little matter of interest I read on the internet the other day. I read the top player at replay has 10 billion in chips. Who knows the truth ?

The structure of the rebuy tourneys on this site are very much like rebuy tourneys I have played in on real tables in casino card rooms. Probably the original intent I’m thinking.


thanks for the link to the stats. 13billion plus top rank and the most interesting was the 1 billion plus hand

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