Award suggestion

The “Natural.” Keep a bank balance above 100,000 without buying chips for a set period of time. You guys set the bar. Gold or Special level?

Say it ain’t so lol

Player Achevements
I don’t know if this has previously been suggested before but I was thinking it would be a
good idea that players that win major Promotion events should be recognized by recieving a
ring or bracelet in thier profile page For example: RPOS V League of Legends All points & Top 8

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I would like to see a player be able to make a payment with their chips to mute another player for a week, and for a larger payment actually suspend another player for week…

lol… too funny

You might not be able to say that if my suggestion is adopted…

I am the only one who talks to you so why would you want me muted ? :slight_smile:


Geez Country 29 - you can do that for FREE!

Just volunteer to be a Moderator… :rofl: …though it doesn’t work QUITE that way.


Good point

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