Auto rebuy and top up still fails after reconnect/reload

Auto rebuy and auto top up still fails after the table generates a reconnect and reload of the app.

In this case you are prompted for a rebuy and auto top up is not offered as an option at all.

This may be a residue of the old system. Very annoying.

Please do something!

I know about a re-buy bug. If you have more than the max. buy-in and you disconnect, you can come back with the stack you had, but when you lose all, you can not re-buy because you have to re-buy with more than the max. bring-in. You have to leave the seat and take it again.

Is that what you mean?

But when you not lose all the auto-top-up is working, you are topped up to the max. of the table buy-in. I can not find a bug in the auto-top-up. Maybe you have a hand number?

This is about a special thing: sometimes the table reconnects all players and reloads the application. The table completely disappears, a progress bar appears saying ‘Connecting’ and then ‘Loading’. This does not happen very often, that’s why I haven’t encountered this bug earlier.

In this special case every global setting is forgotten. In my case I had to intentionally lose my chips to be able to rebuy and have my global settings back. Fortunately it was a low stakes table so my loss due to this bug was only cca. 700 chips.

I don’t remember which table this was. I think that the reconnect/reload routine still uses the old system and needs to be updated.

Thanks watcha.

I forward this to the tech-team.

Thanks for reporting this watcha. The reason it happens is that the settings currently are only stored within the flash client environment, and not on the server. So when the client is reloaded, either intentionally or because of some internet issue, it forgets the options you picked. This obviously undesirable, so I spoke with the tech-team today and we’re going to store this information on the server, so if the client is restarted you won’t lose your settings. Hopefully we can get around to fixing this sometime in February.

watcha just out of interest, you said you needed to lose your chips to get your rebuy and auto top-up settings back. Could you not have just clicked on ‘Add Chips’ which it just below the Invite a Friend add and then update it that way?

This reconnect / reload procedure is initiated by the server. I can’t reproduce the situation by myself in order to find out what alternative ways may or may not work in order to regain my settings. The best thing would be for the system to never forget the global settings rather than trying to find ad hoc solutions to the problem.

Sure I agree with you, but just wanted to make sure you’re aware that you can click on the ADD CHIPS tray of chips on the game table at any time to update your auto top-up, rebuy settings. I’m a bit concerned not everyone realizes that it’s clickable!