Auto-post blind check box

Hello all,

I’ve noticed that in ring games at times the auto-post blinds check box unticks it would seem automatically. At first I thought I unticked it without noticing but I’m pretty sure it does so after certain conditions that I can’t pinpoint. Do you experience the same thing?

Is this a known rule for RP team?

Yes i have had it happen, And also the post and fold button,

Never had any issue with the fold button, just the post SB/BB usually when I’m in BB. I think it happens when I fold around completely, i.e. when I fold from SB to BB not entering any hand, would that be possible? Maybe there’s some rule saying if n seat folds x times in a row he might be off so let’s give him a chance to leave the table? No clue…

Its the flash player, can’t keep up with it, more problem if you play more rooms/fast rooms, also if less player at the table, in the same time. Its with all button, its happens when the flash not have enaugh time to recognise your tick.
When RP change to HTML5 this year, these problems go away instantly.

Hey marcipan,

Ok thanks, never had the problem with the fold button thankfully :slightly_smiling:

Guess we’ll wait for the new client :wink: