Attention USA Veterans

Hi, fellow vets, I’ve just gotten off the phone with the USVA prescription drug billing folks. I wanted to confirm what I owed them so I could pay up. The person I spoke to told me NOT TO PAY THEM.

Included in the most recent COVID-19 relief package was a little noticed provision that waived ALL our USVA drug co-payments retroactively back to early April, 2020 (I think it was 6 April 2020, but the truth is I was so shocked, I don’t remember for sure). If we’ve already paid those co-payments (I have), the amounts we paid are supposed to be refunded to us–though that will take some time, I expect.

I’ll be getting back a few hundred dollars. Those with more serious issues may get back far more. This qualifies as a serious “win” in my view.


May I add, a well-deserved win! Happy for you, and grateful for your service–and to all your fellow veterans and current service personnel.

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I don’t pay a copayment but yes it’s in the bill that no copayments will be charged and reimbursed as of April 2020. Well deserved by us veterans.


Craig, the guys like you who don’t get a copay bill already paid–but, NOT with cash. I got off for mere money. It may take me a while, but I can get more money a lot easier than paying the way others have.
I’m with Jan–happy to have you here.


Thank you Brother!


I have VA and found that out 2 months ago after paid $150. so will get that refunded whenever. Wife is on tricare for life having to pay. Go figure.

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You’re a good man Alan.