At What Age Did You Learn to Play Poker

We all learned to play certain card games at a young age, like Old Maids, Solotaire and even Go Fish. But, at what age was the game of Poker introduced to you and did you enjoy the game at first?

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Probably at age 8 or 9. Lived in small town in Montana only entertainment was drinking, cards or collecting rocks. We’re talking population 200-250 and black and white TV was more snow than anything. Driving was about age 9 tractors and auto. 1950’s was not exciting.

18 when I enlisted in the Marine Corps. Before that I was too interested in girls, cars, sports and Rock n Roll !

Did I mention girls ? :joy:


Started playing and learning poker about 3 months ago, I’m still a little kitten! :cat2: :smile_cat:

I can understand that. I, too, came from a small town where they pulled in the sidewalks at 8:00 pm Thank you for sharing.

You are new to the game. Do you enjoy playing Poker?

I think you did mention girls Craig, twice. lol

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That’s an easy 1 to answer 2019 1st ever card game I learned and still learning my first game lol did not have a clue what to do and I believe lost all my chips within minutes but was (4 me that is ) mind blowing but very enjoyable and it still is today some 3 years later and I honestly believe that is due to all the great people I have befriended on this site.


I played my first game of poker in 2013–a live game at a local casino. I played horribly but loved it! Found Replay Poker, enjoyed a year of practice, and played the live game again in 2014. Came away with a prize for 10th place (because a good friend–I believe–folded a winning hand so I would win). I’ve never played another live game, but I’d like to have the courage to do so one day.

I absolutely love it! For some reason I had the infamous Tony G ‘bring more Russians’ video recommended in my feed, watched it and then spent the next 10 hours watching poker videos covering all the best players and hands and I was completely hooked from there :grinning:

Only about 5 years ago! Got hooked right away!

I started playing poker in 1976, but I still don’t really know how to play.

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Never played Poker at a casino before. Maybe I will try that one day just to see how it is. Thank you for sharing Jan.

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I agree with you Tony. Poker is a fun game and it is the people that we met and make friends with that make the game as fun to play as it is. I know that I have made a lot of friends on this site. Thank you for sharing.

About two and a half years ago (age 41).

was young… grampa taught me when I would spend summers with him at his lake mts Cabin…we would split a jar of pennies and play for hrs

Stud and draw poker by about 8 or 9. Hold’em at 13. Now 50.

Many of my childhood friends were card players, and I learned draw and stud poker from them. My mother dated a serious card player when I was 9 or 10, and I was already well versed in poker and conversant in a few other adult card games (pinochle and canasta, neither of which I remember at all, and gin rummy, which I still play on occasion). I was also a voracious reader, and I read “Scarne on Cards” by John Scarne cover to cover at 10 or 11. When my Mom’s boyfriend taught me cribbage, I already knew the game to some extent.

My mother soon left that man and then came the man who became my stepfather. He had learned hold’em years earlier, and when I was 13, he taught my mother and I so we could have poker nights at the house. I always saw it as a bit of a weird variation, so it was a bit of a surprise when it suddenly hit TV and became popular.

Learned to play poker at age 10 my father and his friends used to come to our home and play 5 card stud in hs played 7 card stud with my fraternity every Friday night learned Texas holdem about 1997 like replay poker site

Close to 50 years old when WSOP was big on TV.