At the beginning of tournaments i see players leaving the table. How does this happen?

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When a tourney starts 20% of the seats will be reserved for players registering by late registration. Than it can happen that 1 or more tables is needed and some players go there to take a seat on that table. Than on each table is space for players who enters by late registration.

How and why does it happen?

Hi CharlieM

During the tournament the number of players at the tables must be in balance, when a tournament starts and during the tournament, if possible with the same number of players at a table (sometimes 1 more or 1 less, depends on the total number of players in the tournament)

When there are 2 tables left, one table with 5 players and one table with 7 players, 1 player will moved to the other table for getting the balance on the tables (6 players on both tables in this case).