Astral League First/Best 20 Leaderboards

So I just noticed this, but I was looking at the Pegasus league leaderboards, and I see that chips are only awarded to the top 10 positions on the First and Best 20 leaderboards, while at Ursa Major, chips are awarded to the top 20.

What gives? Why aren’t there 20 award positions for the Pegasus league? Is the number of places awarded chips based on the number of participants?

Thats prolly Elite stakes, if so it works same for MTTs.
In general Elite stakes pays less overall, to less ppl…

I thought there were just three stake levels: low, med, high. Is there an Elite stakes above high??

It does seem like a bit of a jump from 25k buy-in to 100k. I notice it seems to take a bit longer to wait for a SNG table to fill up at this level, so it wouldn’t surprise me that if there’s fewer players, there’d be fewer payout slots on the board. Hmm… Looking at the weekly summaries, it seems there’s roughly 2x the number of players at Ursa Major level as there are at Pegasus level, so I bet that’s probably the explanation. I guess it’s fair then.

Also take a look at the leaderboard payouts. The 100k SnGs cost 4x as much to enter as the 25k ones (obviously!). Do the leaderboards pay 4x as much?

No, they only pay 2.5x as much if I remember correctly.

Hi, yes the Astral Pegasus only pays 10 places because there are fewer participants.

The Pegasus is seeing between 550-570 in recent weeks and the Ursa Major has been running at 1,000.

The Leaderboards pay-outs are not variable like they tournament ones where different number of players get prizes with more runners, so we anticipated fewer runners because of the higher stake and went for 10 places instead of 20.