Asian million glitch

i just entered the asian million tournament, but there were some issues with my internet which prevented me from entering. after about 10 minutes it was fixed and i wanted to enter the tourney, but i saw my chips already got to zero, so i checked my last hand just to be sure. but the thing is i still had 2940 chips left (start is 3000) so except for my few BB’s i lost i should be able to continue the tourney, but instead i just got kicked out withou any reason. could someone please fix this as it is a waste for the chips and for the tournament.

It also took Me 5+ minutes to get through but still had chips. Might be the Strange chat on the sign-up page.

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@yiazmat I don’t think it’s a glitch. I think you just timed out due to inactivity for longer than 10 minutes. You can double check with support, but I am sure that if a registered player doesn’t join and remains inactive for 10 minutes or longer, they get timed out and knocked out of the tourney.

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imo 10 minutes is quite quick, it’s even too short to fix a minor problem (like i had yesterday), hopefully it gets changed soon.
but at least i know now. ty for the information.

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Interesting. I thought you only got bumped from a tournament if you were inactive for the first three blinds levels. Is that something they’ve changed?

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I’m not 100% sure. You could be right. The 10 minutes time could just happen to be the time it takes for the first blind levels in most tourneys. It’s just that every time I “timed out” it was after about 10 minutes of inactivity (from the beginning of the tourney of course). If you have played at least 1 hand, then you get disconnected or check the Away box, you don’t get time out for some reason :thinking:

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If you don’t play a hand for the first 3 levels you forfeit your chips and get booted. Usually the blinds are 6 minutes so after 18 minutes from the start of the tournament you have not taken your seat you are dumped.


ty 4 the information all of you,

obviously i’m not sure which of the reasons is the right one either. but there are a few things i can clear up:

  • first of all i can tell you that it was about 10 minutes (not exactly 10 minutes, but i’m quite sure it wasn’t 18).
  • when i checked my last hand after i got kicked out, it showed me my stack was 2940, and the strting stack is 3000. so logically it was probably still the first blind level (10/20), or maybe the second (15/30). meaning it was quite quickly i got out and almost impossible to reached the third level (even more so to finish the 3rd level).
  • it is true however i haven’t got to play a single hand, i got into the tournament but didn’t even make to see the first hand as my internet probably got lost just before that (table kept reconnecting without result and i saw my internet was out).

This particular issue isn’t a glitch, though we do want to improve the logic here. What happens is that if you haven’t taken a seat by the end of the third blind level of a tournament, you’re considered a no-show. Even if you sneak in and respond to a single hand, if it ends up being at that cut off, you’re removed from the tourney.

This particular tournament started at 9am ET, you registered at 9:17, and the blind levels were 10 minutes each, so you were removed at 9:30.

In the meantime, since you were having trouble connecting, I went ahead and refunded your buy-in as a courtesy.


thanks a lot for the explanation and the refund @fizzymint .

haven’t thought about the late reg but i guess it makes a lot of sense now.

my apologies for the trouble with my pc.