Arriving At Decisions

I don’t know how any decision is made though I have a vague idea. I do wonder, however, how the decision makers factor in what the players want. The forum is great for vetting ideas but can we do better? Is there any merit in having a vote on the merit of a proposed change? Can a Yes/No button be easily placed, or a multiple choice button? If that is done could the European folks teach we Americans the value of Choice voting? If we are going to be progressive, perhaps a non-binding sense of the body vote could be taken from time to time to help get a sense of an idea’s acceptability. (There are a number of open source Choice voting programs available so I would strongly suggest that format; it would produce near consensus.)


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I would love to see a “New Feature Poll” button on the main poker site. This button/graphic could be placed above the “My Games and Tournaments” section for visibility, and link to the forum.

(I know vBulletin has polls, not sure about Discourse)

Anyway, this would be a good way to get more participation on the forum and get some useful feedback on new ideas.

Scratch (not my real name)

Oh no, Scratch is my name…

We could vote but the British will want to change the name to Pokey McPokeface (search Boaty McBoatface ) and then leave and the Russians might be accused of tampering with the result. lol

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We can Vote all we want, yet the decision is up to the staff…

If there is a vote system, hopefully there’s a way to like send a msg to everyone and have them reply to vote somehow… otherwise 30 ppl voting outta 2000 accounts isn’t going to illicit the correct sense of customer sentiment. That way you might get a vote from all active people that log-in.

Buy some ppl ignore msgs or even the pop on new promotions.

Thank you Scratch for bringing this topic to life as this is indeed a vital point for us at Replay. :slight_smile:

Not later than last week, we implemented a new process internally to make sure that no player feedback is being overlooked. The Community Manager @fizzymint and myself will be sitting every two weeks and reviewing each player’s feedback from the past 15 days one-by-one.

Replay Poker has been growing in active players in the past few months (and years) and this is mainly thanks to its exceptional community. It is essential to keep growing altogether, making sure that each player’s feedback and recommendation is heard and considered by the team here at Replay Poker.

Sassy_Sarah is absolutely correct when saying that we also have many players who are not vocal about their sentiments. This is also why we have in plans to work more with surveys and polls in 2017, inviting everyone to share their opinion on our promotions, our product, our poker room offering and on what they would like to see happening on Replay.

I can ensure that there is a lot of things going on at the moment internally when it comes to strategy and product roadmap priorities, and that the feedback we are receiving from our community and our staffs are directly feeding into it. :blush:


This is what I like about Replay Poker. I appreciate that the staff takes time to look at the comments. Whether you use the suggestions or not at least I know someone cares!