Are YOU having a laugh? Is RP having a laugh?

(WARNING: the following is a joke? Do not take any of it overly seriously!)

Is anyone else experiencing extreme LAG problems on the tables? How are you managing & coping with it? I’m following Jonathan Little’s example & Trying to having a laugh. :smile:

I was recently watching (YouTube) A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little :coffee: chatting about playing Online Poker & experiencing extreme problems with the poker software & getting sucked out on by players getting it in bad. His way of coping was doing a Ricky Gervais :laughing: and having a laugh, with sarcasm & deedpan humour and joking that the site is rigged. I was surprised by his comments, about Nicki Manage . I actually thought JL was fairly prim and proper!

It’s a joke: No Online poker isn’t rigged BUT I’m certain the software has an inbuilt humour algorithm. :robot:

I’ve never watched JL stream poker. Poker streaming seems boring. He apparently does put on a good show tho, according to him, helped by bad beats and software glitches. The following is some of the funniest poker I have ever played! I can’t take the credit tho, bc RP is the wild card here, the Joker - The True Comedian. It was a session that lasted about 50 minutes. The humour starts at about half way through and slowly builds. :face_vomiting:

I’m playing 2 low buy-in 9MAX SnGs Astral - Orion games simultaneously. On the left table about halfway through the game I ask: “lag?” :sleeping: bc players seem to be timing out and continuously taking a long time to act. Three players respond & are experiencing bad lag including myself. I get dealt garbage on my left table for many hands in a row, np i just keep folding.

Shortly afterwards each table takes turns completely freezing for 30-60 seconds. :cold_face: Chat often still works, so we can have a laugh luckily. :crazy_face:

Eventually (Left table) I start to get a few good hands & opportunities to shove, plus the blinds are getting higher with less players. The lag is so extreme that its impossible to play anyway. Players keep sitting out etc. I try to shove all in with about 2 hands in a row & the jokes on me:

#648912711 (very funny)

98o Tried to ALL IN on BB pre = fail & auto folds on FLOPPED TRIPS (a little bit funny)
KJo Tried to ALL IN pre = fail & folds (Dad Joke)
T7o finally RP decides it would be funny to time me out :sleeping: & tank slow-roll :yawning_face: for over 90 seconds & shove ALL IN :money_mouth_face: with T7o, and despite the fact I do agree! I’m trying to FOLD & win please! (#648912711)

Yes it apparently took me more than 90 seconds to consider shoving all in with T7o? I was trying to save my Time Banks.

There are many elements to humour. Timing is important as well as context. Silence can be Funny. People: getting upset & losing Funny. Hurt & in pain Funny. Getting embarrassed Funny.

Slow-rolling & losing is very Funny. These people should be needled, but no one does. :pleading_face:

It’s a little bit funny, but I only lose half my stack, so that’s disappointing. I know RP can do better, but sadly RP doesn’t embarrass us any worse. The show is coming to an end.

I shove next hand with 2BBs & RP decides to fold the big stack SB.

We are all equally having a laugh & getting sat out for funnsies.

Finally get to HU and I decide my sides are too sore from laughing, so I sit out for the rest of the game. I change my mind & sit back in to try & end it. We have both suffered from RP humour long enough.

If your having bad luck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: or connectivity issues, lag and steaming, :triumph: check out JL and remember to laugh it off.

THANKS for the fun times & laughs RP!!! :money_mouth_face:


LOL - I watch him sometimes as well. As an FYI, he was just banned from ACR for his “humor”.

Same issues for me and many others last night. 2 of the 3 games I tried to play were cluster-fnorks. Since the chat was the only function operating even halfway properly, we all had a good laugh. What else can you do when half the table is mashing buttons, trying to initiate any action other than timing out and folding?


Yes, that was the YouTube video I referenced. He talked a lot about ACR and other stuff. I don’t find JL hilarious, although TBH he isn’t a try hard comedic poker player - so yeah he is funny. As JL said though it is funny when “WE” get screwed over by the system. Its helped me to just laugh.

The eventual winner had been folded off 3 winning hands mid way through the game.

If you replay that 1 hand tho T7o shove? Really? Thanks RP!!!

Honestly I wasn’t even upset or annoyed. It was pretty funny, especially watching the replay.

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