Are nick-names of players censored before being allowed to be used?

Names of players at one table last night were vulgar and offensive to woman. Doesn’t anyone screen names or is this just a “guys game”?

Please report to the mods, we sort it out. (or support email)

Imposible to monitor all, well, we do in our free time check time to time the new/last-s.


Denie, sorry to hear what happened. Currently we don’t censor the username when a player joins, but given some of the recent vulgar names that players have signed up with, we’ve decided to prevent certain words being used in the username - of course it’s not difficult to circumvent this, but at least the most obvious names will be dealt with it. Any that get past, which are reported by players, are dealt with by our staff/moderation team who will require a username change as we do not permit offensive names.