Are late registration also rebuys?

Is the late registration allowing for rebuys? an will you keep non late registration? at least the tourneys minimize the lotto types or at least let you bust them out

Late-reg does not mean re-buy option and I hope that it will stay Lottery game has nothing to do with the game options, but with the style of players, and for such players we are requested to make all-in tables

Late registration is different to rebuys. We will make late registration optional next week then it’s up to the scheduling team to decide if a tournament doesn’t offer late registration.

As for rebuys torunaments, we may consider adding these but only for specific tournaments, not all tournaments. Ultimately we’re directed by what the players want so we try and cater for everyone and listen to all your feedback. So please do keep it coming. Looks like we’ll reduce the late registration period on Monday based on the feedback we’ve received so far.

What I mean is, if you lose in a tournament you can’t use the late registration to re-register for it.

thanks paul