Application for mobile

An aplication for your mobile

An ipad, iphone or android app would be awesome! That’s for sure =)

that would be insane:D

An application for ipad would be impresinant and i would pay for it

Please create this.

would be awesome! #TeamiPhone

have enough disconnections already. think it would cause more problems

Great news!!! Preliminary work has begun on a version of ReplayPoker for mobile and tablets. It’s going to take us a few months to complete the work, but the good news is we’ve already started developing it! Yaay! :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, did the mobile client ever get built?

next year

One day :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for enquiring! So we did start work on a version back in 2012. Rather ambitiously we started building a cross-platform mobile version, with the idea to deploy to both iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, we hit some technical problems, as the technology was still pretty new back then. It was round about the same time, we started to grow the website significantly and decided that divert resource to tackling the scaling issues with the website as well as adding some much needed features. The mobile project was parked, until we had the commitment to see it through all the way, nobody likes start a project then stopping half through. We’ve not given up on the idea of a mobile version, quite the contrary, it’s just a question of priorities. We recognise that the website still remains the preferred way for our members to play on Replay Poker. So we’re working on getting everyone working super smooth with lots of room for future growth. Trying to keep up with the growth of the site has itself kept us very much on our toes. We’re working on some big projects, but it’s mostly, under the bonnet type work which unfortunately you don’t even know you’re getting the benefits except the site is more stable and isn’t slowing down as it has in the past. We’ve had to rearchitecture both the website, the server infrastructure and the poker game logic to be able to keep pace with growth. The good news is that these big projects are well under way and we’re making good progress for a relatively small team, whilst all the time growing both the site and the team. We’re now up to 6 full-time developers and the team is only going to get bigger from here. So whilst I’m excited about the future for Replay, I share in some of the frustration that fun but essential projects like the mobile version has been put on hold. As I always say, good things come to those that wait, and we won’t disappoint, it’ll just take some time to get there :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply Mr Replay & I do find it quite compelling. I have just spent the last 10 days grinding the 240h & can testify to the fact that the website is working well. So it is obvious that a lot of good work has been going on under the bonnet. Could I just ask if you had thought about licensing a client if your team are being kept busy with essential work? There are lots of free mobile poker clients out there often made by the same companies, would you consider this as a way to achieve the extra work? I know myself how difficult it is having just one team doing the business as usual stuff as well as the project work. It often helps to get in a crack team to manage the project to delivery & then hand it over to the BAU guys to keep it supported