Anyone Use IE & Norton's

I am having problems with game play, And am wondering if anyone else uses both IE11 & Norton’s?
The problem I am having is (in my opinion) in the “Lobby” The Main Lobby (not table lobby I never keep them open) lobby will slow down then after a little while gets worse, and worse, until it becomes unresponsive, then some times when I refresh it, It will crash, usually crashing a different page I have open, or the table(s) I’m at, If table(s) crash then it won’t reload until I shut down & restart lobby, then go to dashboard, then table lobby, then table. And several times I will get back to a table and have little or no chips left. Really Need To Find A Solution. The Tables sometimes have lag but never like the lobby lag! Thanks in Advance

I’m running mostly in Chrome with Hitman Pro and Avira (free version). My main lobby sometimes gets “confused” with tables disorganized. I’ve found that going to one of the profile options, like “Friends” and coming back to the Main Lobby usually puts everything back where it belongs. I don’t guarantee it will work for you, but it’s worth a try. I seldom have a problem while actually at a table.
I also have Edge available, but stopped using it due to too many ad pop-ups that couldn’t be avoided. IE, too, but haven’t used it for a long time.
I like your new image.
Good luck.

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Thanks, I do go to other parts of the main, And have absolutely zero problems in Dashboard or Promotions, but have issues in mail in or out or when I’m in any of the lobbies of Sit n Go or others Is when I have all the issues, It might be better when I come back for a few minuets but soon hits it’s glorious lag again. Only time I have problems at table is when main lobby is at it’s worse, and I never know how long it will run fine to just a little lag…Thanks Alan

I cannot use IE without it dragging on the tables, and like Ron I always use chrome or slimjet and they work fine. I was advised not to use Norton as my computer runs Windows Defender and Norton was automatically installed when I bought it. I found awful lags, so I removed Norton and just run Defender now with Cookie Cleaner every day, I clear my cache during the day and occasionally I do a full scan on Defender and Malwarebytes a couple of times a year. Since this regime I have had no problems in the lobby or on the tables.

Hope this helps


About the same here, Running Windows 8, Using chrome browser. No Norton. I run Superantispyware free version, scan about every 4-5 days. Having no problems. Always have main lobby and table lobby open while I am playing. Only play MTT tourneys.

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Agree with Kate & Seville. I use Chrome & Opera at times.both are great I use the free C Cleaner daily at end of play to remove all cache I also run the free Malware bites check for malware, I also llke Avast for security as it lets you know when you need to update your system. All are free versions

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Hey Juicee,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having those issues. I just wanted to let you know we’re looking into it! I’ve just responded to your message in-game and the Tech Team is on the case. :slight_smile:

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I use google chrome. Try not to use Internet explorer any version! Google Chrome will give you no problem cause it is the best!