Anyone use a kindle to play. cant get flash player to open table

have downloaded upgrade , but still wont open table

We’ve not tried replaypoker on a kindle or android tablet. I think you’re better off waiting for our android specific version to come out, in the next couple of months! :slight_smile:

has the android version come out yet

I’m not sure but I don’t think kindle handles flash.

The plan is html5

Note to self - don’t make predictions! Although we planned to launch a version for tablet/mobile a year ago, and have it ready within a couple of months, things didn’t quite work out as we’d hoped. We’ve put the mobile version on hold for now, whilst we continue to make improvements to the main website, and make sure we can keep up with the growing number of players on the site. Once we’re satisfied that we can and that the site is offering an experience worthy of our players, we’ll turn our attention to creating an equally good experience on mobile.