Anyone explain why 55 would play it out like this .. smells like cheating

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Limping from UTG with a small pair is pretty standard. Seat 4 made a modest raise, and seat 6 min raised that, so he was getting more than 2-1 to call with his small pair. It’s not horrible play to take the flop and see what happens.

He then threw out a min bet to see where he stands, Seat 4 raised to 47K, and 6 just called, so it was possible that both had missed that flop. It was unlikely that either of them had a 4 or a 7, so he might have assumed that one or both was on a flush draw. By the time it got back to him, he had to call 43k to win a pot of 175k… not a great call, since he was chasing basically one out at that point. (the 5 of hearts would have completed the heart flush draw) Calling there definitely isn’t winning poker, but then again, he might have been ahead too. He was getting about 4-1, so he called.

He might also have floated the flop intending to try an allin steal on the turn if a heart came. That wouldn’t have worked, but he had no way of knowing that.

He picked up a gutshot straight draw on the turn, had no reason to fear the diamond draw, and the 3 probably didn’t help anyone. Seat 6 had the flush draw and probably thought he could win it with an ace too, so he had had 12 outs, which translates to about 3-1 against him rivering the win. When you bet 1/2 the pot, you gave seat 6 the right odds to chase considering that UTG would probably come along too. His allin re-raise was pretty standard there.

It was a mistake for the guy with 55 to call the turn, since he was only getting about 4-1 pot odds for a 7-1 draw, but he might have thought he had some implied odds too should a non heart 6 hit. Still a mistake, but people make mistakes, and there was always the chance that his 5s were good anyway.

I’m a little surprised he didn’t bet the river when his one out hit, but he was dead to any 6 and the pot was big enough to be worth winning anyway, so no need to risk more there.

As I see it, mistakes were made all around. Poker is a game of imperfect information, and everyone acted more or less semi-reasonably at every street.

No offense intended, but I also think you might have lost the pocket 5s had you made a stronger bet on the flop. Your bet of 47k was probably seen as a continuation, and he probably read it as you had missed the flop entirely. Many players would have bet the pot or slightly more to protect against the flush draw.

Had he been cheating, he would have bet out on the river. He checked, which, to me, means he got lucky and knew it, but was still afraid you might have had a 6 in your hand. He could also have been planning to check raise the river there. The hand was not played perfectly by anyone, but I see no evidence of cheating.


Ellite tables are worser.

I find him as a donk.

It what way would he have been cheating? Seems unlikely. More likely, playing badly and getting lucky…like majority of Replay world. Serves you all right for betting huge sums with less than made hands, now you are all just mad about it.


I’m not an expert at this and maybe I’m not clear on exactly what one means by “cheating”. I know what cheating means to me and I honest to goodness have no idea how anyone could cheat at an internet game. May I have an explanation as to what exactly this particular player is being accused of? What specific allegation, if true, would make this player a cheater and how can I, a rank amateur, avoid such accusation.

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I don’t think it’s cheating. I agree with SunPowerGuru’s analysis. It is possible to imagine that he thought both of you might have missed the flop (although it’s foolish for him to think that neither of the other two players has a K or a bigger pocket pair in a raised and 3-bet pot, but your bet and raise sizes were small; usually people with big hands open raise to 20k+ in that game). He made an unprofitable play in the long run on every street, but it was not completely unreasonable, and he got lucky on the river, as so often happens in poker, especially free poker. He may also have had no idea what he was doing and just gotten lucky.

It’s been two weeks since the last comment on this question, so while the issue is likely dead to the asker,
I’ve just come across it, and have a comment that hasn’t been brought up… So here goes:

  1. I’ve seen the replay now and note that the asker at the time had a very poor ranking - I read into the
    rankings (with a grain of salt, of course) of my opponents, and think it’s possible the 55 player had no
    respect for your hand because you were perceived as a ‘newbie’ who is probably, or at least possibly, bluffing…

  2. A second thought has now arisen for me, and that is the 55 player may just not have had any respect for
    the whole business of freebie poker… People come and go here all the time based, I expect, on what they get
    or don’t get out of their experience here… So, it just may be the ‘expert’ in you is reading something into the
    play by your opponent that is above both your paygrades…

I also have a thought on this business of “cheating”… that thought is, I believe the accusation is absurd…
Not going to waste any more of my time discussing it…

The phrase “Patently Ridiculous” comes immediately to mind, and it fits the situation perfectly…

I’ve looked you both up, and it’s my opinion you ought to look within yourself for the answer you seek…


I’m always a bit confused with protecting against a draw. To me it’s value betting against a draw not protecting against it. If you pot bet (and even 2/3 pot bet, in most cases 1/2 pot bet too) a flush draw and get called then your +EV, if you get a fold (the “protection” worked) then you’re missing out on value since you were ahead (except if you’re bluffing).


this is 4 replay an sun power guru sense he answer so many question . explain 2 all players just how a player can play three times a day an over 2 hours each time, just how can he not be dealt 1 winning hnd out of 80 two a 100 hands each time he plays. just 2 b honest about it , I did get 1 or 2 hnds tht would have won, if I had not floded them out also. but here they r would have won 57 chips on a pair of 22 when the 2 hit on rv, while k q or a where hitting on flops , now thts a losers hand , even tht it won if played, while my 2nd card was 3. all the others hnds were basicly the same 34 27 crap every one. now this while every one else even the come an goers got 4 or 5 winning hnd in a row an leaves an the stayers got 7,8,9 hnds one got 11 in a row. so now give me the ststs on this crap that’s happens 2 me daily. !!random, think not. selective, hum! !! poker!!! not by a long shot. but u tell me what u think if every time u sit at a table where it 4, 6 , 9 players an every player is getting there share?? of hnds an 1 players get 0, if u call it luck ,then he gets 1 out of every 40 maybe , an all crap hnds or hi risk that a good poker would not play ,. ill leave it here an wait 4 an answer.

oh just to mention this , its seems that there is always a replay moderator watching this as it happens. I find that strange in its self.

CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY REPLAY REFUSES to answer my request about how they {replay} got a hold of my real name. an on another matter . sunpower guru likes to answer others on how an why hnds play out mathematically. so here is one four replays"" guru"" that likes gushing out gussy gusher. so acting advisor here is, explain just how u have played just a few hnds over 3000 TOTAL hnds, won 800 an , now the BIG"“ONE”" folded over 5000 hnds. math, hum ! does not add up. hahaha im sure they will b an gussed up answer.

Well simply because the next award is 10k hands played, so he’s between 5801 and 9999…

It does add up :wink:

tht u wld try tht but its no good don’t work tht way . ur already at8800 all else does not stay frozen while u catch up on the count . I really don’t care anyway. an why not answer on the other, math has no answer 4 that one. four there is not but 1 answer 4 it. now funny 2day I played 205 hnds an got 21 wins, an that’s the first time 4 tht in over a month. funny it seem 2 come about after I sent the first message out.

As far as cheating is concerned, there are programs online players can buy to get an advantage. I only play free poker online due to that fact.

I have no idea where this site gets its numbers.

I just checked my stats and it says I have folded 5,203 hands…

4,083 preflop
3,806 at flop
2,673 at turn
2,075 at river

So no, the numbers don’t seem to add up. So what? I don’t really see your point, assuming you have a point.

But I do have an easy solution for you: if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. Simple, yes?

Maybe they got your real name from your email address.

i really comment but when i am dealt 55 85% of the time i pull a 3 5, it is just a gambler’s superstition sorry might of spelled that wrong