Any other way to look at this play by Hellmuth?

The way Phil plays this hand is not necessarily incorrect. In hindsight though, can you see any other way to approach this hand. :sunglasses:

Hi Rail-Bird,

Here is my opinion on the the hand. Not sure what the blinds are but I like the raise to 3,000 pre-flop. The flop comes K(h) 7(d) and 3(h) so we know neither Hellmuth or Peat have a good flush draw on the flop I do agree with Hellmuth’s bet of 7,000 on the flop since at this point he has the top kicker.

On the turn the 9 of spades comes giving Peat two pair King’s and 9’s. This is where I don’t agree with Hellmuth. He bets 17k into a pot of 20,350 which is way to big of a bet. I think he should have bet but not nearly that much (easier saying that knowing what their hole cards are) I think a good bet would have been between 5 - 7k again just my opinion. After the 17k bet Peat raises to 43,425 and Hellmuth calls all in. Either Peat has a very good read on Hellmouth or he’s straight out gambling and taking his chances (We don’t know if these two have had prior history on this table so Peat could very well have a good read on Hellmuth.)

4 of spades hits the river and Hellmouth is done.

Again I think he raised to much on the turn. For sure I would have fired a bet on the turn but not that much of a bet.



How can you not rebuy, you got Matasau on ur right… & Biff’r with ur cash…
Its hands like this, that make us ALL @ Replay feel just a bit better …

Ohh thats right, only ppl @ Replay/Online get suck’d out on.
That was a decent Benz he just lost there. ( 50k )
And a pot sized bet, usually will take that hand down.

preflop: the raise with K9 in LP seems ok to me. as for the 3bet with AK, obviously you want value from it, but he plays also OOP with it, so i can imagine you would want to 3bet big to get value but also to avoid uncomfortable situations. 3K seems a bit big to me and 2500 probably has more calling value. but since he easily called a huge 3bet with the K9o he probably already has a read on him that he plays very loose, so the 3K raise seems good to me. however calling a big 3bet so lightly with K9o seems just too loose to me, even considering he plays IP.

flop: obviously he got a great flop for his AK, normally i would Cbet a lot smaller then this, but i do actually like his overbet in this situation. first of all, as mentioned before hellmuth probably has a read on his loose image, which will make him call more lightly. second thing is that there are lots of hands that might pay him off here with such a raise. this because AQ and 99+ have a good chance to 4bet pre (JJ+ especcialy). while hands like 3x and 7x would fold pre, however with his image he might call A7. he can also have a pocket in his range, but these might also float the flop assuming he’s just cbetting. a normal betsize like 4-5K makes most aces fold anyway probably (maybe AJ might float but that’s probably it). so long story short he has many aces and kings in his range and some pockets. which means he can get value from many Kx hands while most of the Ax would just fold anyway. besides the big betsize scares most draws away anyway and might even look a little bluffish. in short: there are many hands that will pay him off with his overbet.

turn: at this point it’s getting clear he has a monster or a medium strength hand. none of them is a good hand to bet huge again. i would probably bet about 11-12K now, raise makes it quite clear you got trapped and you have still space to fold the hand. if he folds you know you wouldn’t get more money anyway. and if he calls it’s an easy check on the river because a medium strength hand would check back the river and if he bets it you can fold because there aren’t many bluffs in his range. as played i would probably make a crying call because you need less then 25% equity to win, however since it’s so clear he plays a monster now i won’t mind folding either.

To me this is a ABC poker hand …
Also as Peat said, Helmouth vs Peat on another show, same hands AK vs K9. Where both flopp’d a straight, Peat looses … so there is history here, just not in this show…
Peat does have a “semi loose” reputation…on P.A.D. and Phil knows it. Now what I don’t get is why Phil doesn’t remember the other hand Peat referenced, and know Peat has K9.

Pre-flop : Peat bets out for 700, so raises 600… blinds appear to be 50/100… Phil, with AK makes a good raise to 3k, slightly more than pot, trying to get value with his hand…and Peat flat calls… So far so good for both… no major mistakes.

Flop : Phil outflops Peat, bets out 7k … again a pot sized bet, he is pretty sure Peat will call, and does … A bit loose here with Peat’s call, as Phil could’ve miss’d the flop and is just C-betting… but still no huge mistakes…

Turn : Peat hits his 2nd pr, but the spade doesn’t really improve the flush, and still no big draws that it hits… so Phil’s ( again pot sized bet ) is almost “by the book”… plus Peat has the advantage of Phil betting into him…Since usually Phil’s bet will take the hand down right there, Peat’s raise ( or even flat call ) should send up red flags for Phil… yet this is where I think Phil makes a Huge mistake by not gett’n away from his hand, and shoves…
Peat, after already announcing he lost big with this hand before, should tell Phil that his raise will prolly get called … even if Peat is weak, and Phil also knows this and hopes Peat is weak, or thinks he has the right read.

All the chips go into the pot, when Peat calls, and Phil see’s he’s behind… and in true Phil fashion, Tilts… and we get to see a “Blank” on the river and Peat wins the hand.
( so if there was a AK vs K9 hand between them in another show, where Peat lost… Phil shouldn’t be that piss’d off, and I think Phil’s decision to leave was simply a way of cutting his losses and playing again another time… he play’d his 50k, and thats that. )

Well RailBird,
I kinda can’t see preflop any differently especially with 1 left to act behind Phil, and that person hasn’t lost yet… or so we hear from the Phil, later on. I think there are 2 schools of thought once the flop hits, with Phil 1st to act… trap(check) or bet out… Peat’s image lends itself to Phil betting out as he does, and getting Peat to call with a worse hand. Had Phil check’d the flop… let Peat bet out, then raised him… the hand “might” be over right there… if Peat calls tho, then again Huge Red Flags should be in Phil’s wheelhouse… and he would almost have to reraise right there, or check the turn … After the river “Blanks”, all Phill really can do is check, and see what his price is to call … before he makes a move. Hoping for a check-check actually.

Had this been a hand, without names, without context… I think most ppl would say (Phil’s) “shove” shouldda been a “fold”, unless he had a great read on Peat…

This is also a classic hand where both player’s “image” held true…

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I’m still trying to figure out what the phrase " not necessarily incorrect means ? ",

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