Any interest in a weekly 10 million buy in MTT

I know i would play…any others?

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Only if you are willing to stake me lol

and me

No interest from me - yet - but as chip inflation continues to rear its ugly head, it’ll be just a matter of time until it’s necessary.

I only have about 20M, but I would play once my roll is up around 200M-2B, I guess.

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We cant even get a 1 mill 2.5 mill or 5 mill filled once on elite stakes 6-max sit n go tables since they created those tables so i dont see a 10 mill happening before one of those is finally played, and those are offered anytime any day. I deff would play any of those several times a week ( which is the same as a MTT with 6 or 9 players ) the 10 mill MTT once a week wouldnt get more than 9 players anyway so might as well play more of the elite sit n gos. if any ever fill i actually think it would catch on to players and there could be a few filling daily. that would be a great start, especially with the huge chip inflation from so many promo chips they sell almost monthly eating away at you.

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Well, the thing about sit and go is they are not scheduled…so no one knows when enough players are available…

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ya i was gonna mention that as being a problem. it would be nice if replay would schedule 1 daily 5 mill 6 or 9 max table to see how it goes. then if that works and fills up then other tables might fill more at the 1 mill, 2.5 mill or 5 mill tables now and then. i actually dont remember the last time a 500k 9 max table was filled, i know its been awhile but if a few would be scheduled im sure they would fill more because no one wants to join and wait 5 hours for it to fill. i guess if someone reading this is interested in a 10 mill MTT or work out a scheduled 5 mill sit n go than they can post here. the problem is most players dont even come on to or even know about the forums so a scheduled 6-max 5 mill daily sit n go to start off might be the only way to find out…and however many fill the table is what it is. i do think it would catch on fast if replay could add that as a scheduled daily sit n go.

We already have 5 million tourneys. I think the problem would be getting enough entrants to make it worthwhile. I am ranked in the top 500 and have slightly less than 70 million chips, so I might play the tournament one time, but not regularly unless I was winning! So how many tournament players are there with chip banks of over 200 million chips, who might play regularly, accounting for the fact that many of the top 500 players are probably ring game players?

The other point is that even the 250,000 chip entry tournaments have a hard time getting enough players, and if you have one tournament a week at a certain time, that time will not be convenient for many of the players who might otherwise enter.

To buy 10 million chips would cost over $150 at current prices, so I can not see a lot of players buying chips just to play the tournament, since chips that have been won have no further monetary value and can only be exchanged for entry into games. So you can play a cheap tournament for 50.000 chips or so, and still have a good game.

To buy my current chip bank would cost around $1,000, but those chips have no value. There are in fact two types of chips, chips that are bought and chips that are won. Neither type of chips has any value. It is a pity that the information on players does not state how many chips have been bought.

I am sure the 10 million chip tournament will come, but at the present time 5 million chips is enough to attract the best tournament players, and a 10 million chip tournament is unlikely to attract more players or better players.

At least that is my 2 chips worth.

You could have a sit and go where the entry fee is decided after enrollment by a kind of Dutch auction round of bidding. It would be understood that there was a minimum of, say 2 million, but if all the players agreed, it would be played for any amount agreed by the lowest bidder up to a maximum of whatever is decided. Thus the top ten players on the site could, if they wanted, play a sit and go in which the entry fee was equal to the whole chip bank of the 10th ranked player.

Well i dont think that would work if all 10 players tried to sit on a 9 seat sit n go table lol…and also 4 or 5 on the top 10 list are dormant and not even active players in the last couple of years but yeah i know what u mean:) i think what county29 is looking for is being able to play a game or more games than the max of a 5 mill buy in and the max of just 1 game a week at 5 mill ( he can correct me if im wrong ) the main problem is the scheduling and the demand or turnouts for them. thats why i suggested a daily 5 mill scheduled 6-max to start and then 9-max if the demand is there. I dont play many sit n gos anymore because the highest that fills fast is 100k and the higher ranked players want at least 500k to 1 mill minimum, but they dont fill like they did in the past and i think there is deff a select group of players highly ranked that i know from playing the 500ks that would play them if they didnt have to wait hours to fill and knew the exact start time like a MTT. Im almost certain those same players and more would play the elite sit n gos if not for the wait, so it would have to be scheduled. I think the idea that county29 has is for the high ranked players that wanna have the chance to profit more being able to play and enjoy tourneys than just having to always play rings to make that same profit. The higher ranked player only having the option of playing a 250k or 1 mill MTT on any given day is like them having to play 1k/2k rings any day but can only play once a week on a 20k/40k or 50k/100k table for example. I think it would cater to the more tourney style player that wants to maintain and keep improving their rank without having to play too many ring games because we all know its hard to keep your high rank and improve it by only playing the current available tourneys. anyway thats my 3 chips worth.

What you say is riight. I am mostly playing the 250,000 and 1 mil tourneys, and there are not as many as I would wish for, and now just inside the top 500, it is pretty difficult to continue to grow the chip bank as those games are fairly tough and no one can win every time. Also the higher you get, the more chips you need to improve your ranking. Another million chips will probably only earn a couple of places.

I think really that once you are playing in the 1 million chips to enter MTTs, you have gone beyond the level where there are opponents who have bought chips, so there are a lot less active players. I see very few top 500 players in tournaments–just a handful really. County29, Black Widow, Tier1, and a couple of others are the only ones I can think of.

yes u are correct, and those players like myself play rings and tourneys and a few of us play all 3 including sit n gos and thats why they are ranked so high…because of the ring chips won added to tourney wins. its nearly impossible to just play tourneys and get into the top 2 or 300. once i got to around 300 rank i had to play rings to keep improving my rank even tho i was winning 1st and 2nd place on monthly high sit go leader boards most months i played them. not only do u need more chips every rank u move up to gain a rank, you are also dealing with the chip inflation which is getting out of control and the fact that now u are competing mostly with high and elite stake ring players in the top 300 and if your only playing tourneys than its impossible to keep up with those 2 or 300 players no matter how many tourneys u win. believe it or not i still move backwards in rank a few or more EVERY single time there is the chip promo packages such as the 100%more they sell which is almost every month now. im still trying to figure that one out cause i wouldnt think they are purchasing a few hundred million chips lol but the day they go on sale i go backwards every time so maybe they are just adding to their existing few hundred mill bankroll? i dont know but u would think they would easily win them at that point. 200 to 500 rank i obviously noticed my rank go back much more the exact day they went on sale. but yeah, u will notice the heavy increase in chips you have to win to gain a few ranks once you are around 300 rank, every 100 in rank becomes much harder to get to and then u notice every single rank how much you need to win. im at that point now, actually u really start to notice it around 200-250 rank and increasing more and more from there. thats why i was saying if u dont place in almost every high stake tourney then u have to play rings too and do well in order to hit top 100, then u almost have to exclusively play rings only and well. so thats why i understand county29s 10 mill MTT request if your very high ranked but like to play tourneys often.

Any tickets to it?

There are a few considerations here, such as … Bankroll mgmt, MTT schedule limits, players online @ any given time, payout schedules (payout grid), and # of players who can afford a 10m MTT.

I played here @ replay Only MTTs, and built my bankroll to 5.5m. I realized that I had to switch to Rings really, if I wanted to move up. It takes hours sometimes to fill a 1m or higher SnG, and The times I usually was on, there were very few MTTs above the 100k level, so yet again you end up waiting hours to play sometimes depending where you live and when you can play.

From a bankroll mgmt stance, we have had polls, and the concensus was aprox 5% was a good rule of thumb as a limit for entry fees. In that senario, you need 200m to play a 10m MTT. How many players have 200m, not that many. Of those players , how many play MTTs, even far less. Then say @ “this” time of day how many are there, and the # you get is even smaller still.
So lets say 500 players have 200m++, of those how many play MTTs, of those how many are on @ the same time of day…

MekonKing, is 100% right… only a handfull of players.
Lets see even how many players are online @ any 1 given time, that number ranges from ~800 to 2200. Of those how many are “seated”, ohh about 60-75% max. So lets say 500-1700, spread across Rings, SnGs, and MTTs.

Now lets look @ sheduling issues. I ask’d once about more MTTs between 250k and 1m, on say an hourly basis, even if they rotate those. I was told that there is a limit of aprox 184 total “slots” to offer thru out the day. Leaving out my opinions on the # (184 ) , of the 184… even if you rotated 500k, 1m, and 2.5m MTTs , on an hourly basis, thats still 24 of the 184, and still players might wait 3 hrs to play the 2.5m variant. Even ME, I don’t wanna wait 2-3 hrs to play a lets say 1m MTT or SnG. I barely have enough BR to conform to the 5% rule, and I’m a MTT junkie. So if there’s only 184 possible, divide that by 24 which is about 8, but you have to subtract all the Leagues and any 1off special events, and weekend 1 offs. The actuall number of possible “slots” per hour end up being like 1. Thats right 1 MTT per hour. I don’t even see currently ONE 1m MTT offered per hour. If you’re a latenight USA player, sometimes you won’t see that 1m MTT offered in a 4-5 hour block.

Now lets take a look @ Payout Grid. A 9 person SnG, or a MTT with 9 players (exactly) pays top 3, and I think you don’t get a 4th paid spot till you hit 20 ppl. So your risk/reward drops from 1:3 to 1:4 just by adding another 1-12 players. As you get more entries it drops to about 1:6 then levels off there. At this point a tourny is a tourny, so why not play a 9 person 1m SnG, from a payout risk/reward standpoint, that is NOT schedule dependant, you just need 9 players. Seriously ask @FloridaJetSki , (who can afford and who plays SnGs) how long it takes to get a 1m SnG to start. My guess is he will say it takes a LONG time, time of day depandant of course, but most players don’t wanna twiddle thier thumbs for 1-2 hours waiting for a SnG to start.

If there are 500 players who can afford it, 10% who play MTTs, of those 10% online @ the same time… You have 5 players available, thats 1/2 of whats need’d for a 9 person SnG @ 10m entry fee.

Lets now look @ the bulk of Just the Ring players. Usually up to 2k/4k, you have more than 1 table to choose from thats running, then there’s a HOLE and it starts back up @ 20k/40k… you might have 2 of those tables going depending on time of day. I have ~30m currently whereas players like FloridaJetSki have 200-300m. If I use propper BR Mgmt, I shouldn’t be playing above that 20k/40k level, and Florida likes to play the 2k/4k - 5k/10k range.

Because of Varience, usually it goes like this :
Players start off, playing 1k - 5k MTTs. Once they get 150-200k, they might go up to 15k MTTs. Once they hit 500k, then they can start playing the 50k MTTs, and if you want to consistantly play 100-250k MTTs, you need a few million in Bankroll.
Contrast that with the normal price of 3.75m chips is 100$, and a 1/2 price special gets you 7.5m for the same 100$. Most ppl who can afford 100$ to play online poker would rather play for real money, but most Americans Cannot play for real money online. I don’t see very many ppl willing to plunk down 200$ to play (1) 10m MTT and win just free chips. I do see it a viable option to pay 50-100$ , if a players wants to bypass all the donks @ lower levels, but they still want to play more than just 1 MTT for thier cash investment.

I certainly am interested in a 10m MTT, but not unless there’s alot of 500k-1m MTTs so I can work my way up to that 10M entry, or even say sattalites for lets say 500k to earn my way into that 10m MTT. This won’t happen anytime soon, so therefore I see no point to it.

If there was a “once per hour” 250k MTT, and a “once per 2 hrs” 500k or 1m MTT (rotated) , then thats 48 of the 184 slots available used up. I can tell you right now, Replay will say sry Sassy you’re SOL there, we cannot do that currently. Then I might… yes MIGHT be able to say I think Im interested, but there’s 1 factor I haven’t address’d.
I have ZERO interest in a 10m MTT 6max, its 9max for me or nothing, unless its for 1 of Replay’s special promotions, then I’ll play 6max. So now I’m back to waiting 4 hrs for that 1m MTT thats 9max, not 6max. Thats even IF, Replay offers what I desribed above, that we know isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

I do NOT have the data to look @ , that says of the 800 players seated, of the 1200 players online, what is the breakout for Ring/SnG/MTT AND Low/Med/High/Elite stakes, of the players seated.

I know from asking questions of staff , for the last 3 years, the Odds we will get a weekly 10m MTT… is “currrently” about 2%, max of 5%. Even if there’s 50 ppl that say, Yes Im interested… of those 35% are euros, 45% are Americans, and the remaining 20% are from somewhere else. So you still have the “time of day” problem for when it should be ran, and should it be 6max or 9max.

Think about this from a revenue perspective. If it was me, I’d rather get 100 people paying 10$, than I would 10 ppl paying 100$. There is no way I want 10$ to buy 1m chips, let alone 10m. In order for Replay to curb chip inflation, they MUST set a target value for how many chips 10$ buys, then they must adjust the whole site, so that that target value of what 10$ buys you stays constant ( not including real world inflation of what 10$ buys you ). If thier operating costs go up X%, AND 10$ buys you 25k chips, then they must charge 10+X% for that same 25k chip pkg, just to keep up with real world inflation. I ask you then in the last 5 years, how much has the price for a dbbl cheeseburger @ McDonalds, in the USA, gone up ??? Ohhhhh about 150%, from 1.29 to 2.99. Its the same dbbl cheeseburger it was 5 years ago.

Too many go… ooooh I have or won 1m chips. As the # of Zeros increase, the ability of dumb ppl to correctly adjust thier bet size correctly decreases. Way too many ppl (seems) cannot do simple Math !!!. So its in Replay’s interest, to try and keep the # of total chips in the Replay economy down. ( or ave # of chips per player ) Due to real world values of what a 10$ bill buys you.

I remember when a new poker site opened, recently in the past 2 years, and they were offerering 1m chips, for new players, because they wanted the launch of thier site to be huge in terms of # of players. 2 years later I hear they have players with multiple Trillions of chips. Ppl wanna pretend they’re a high roller, so they don’t wanna play 1/2 poker, they wanna play 10k/20k poker. I get it, but they don’t, just how dumb that really is. From a site standpoint, a math standpoint, or an inflation standpoint.

I will stop here, and let this post get digested and replied to before I go on, or this post will be so long ( it already is ) that most ppl won’t read the whole thing.

Edit, plz …

in the Replay economy down, so there are less zeros, and it caters to less math minded ppl.

sry for edit

Less than that, I am just inside the top 500 and have only 70 million chips. I won all mine from playing tournaments starting on September 1st 2018, and have never bought any chips.

So that confirms what you say–that there are very few tournament players with huge chip banks.

Well i knew it was much less but to be very close it is approximately between 210 - 215 players with 200 mill ++ from looking at the friends leader board list that you can see by clicking on the dashboard and calculating it by ranks that are closest to 200 mill. however the # of those are increasing fairly fast every month. A year ago it was prob. 125 - 150 ish.

There are approximately 100 players ( the top 100 ) that are 500 mill ++ FYI