Ante Suggestion

Whenever I play an MTT, I usually get into the antes, which appear combined with the players’ bets for the blind levels. However, on real-money poker sites, the antes get put into the pot automatically at the start of each hand. I would love to see that implemented onto Replay Poker as well, so it makes it clearer at the table as to what the true blind levels are. In addition, this will make betting easier and easier to follow pre flop.

Please reply with your feedback!

This is a good question and valid suggestion. I would like more info.

Here also the ante goes directly into the pot from the start of the hand, only it shows also on the table in front of the player, i agree it would be better if it not shows on the table, not makes the blinds very clear always.
Believe it had a technical reason to develop (show) it this way.

Hope the devs can look to it again, perhaps there are now possibilities to change it.

Great suggestion EnglishMuffin, we’ll take another look at this and see how difficult it would be to change. We’ll post an update here as as soon as we’ve had a chance to check.

Thank you very much. Look forward to (hopefully) seeing it soon!

So I had our dev team look into it. It sounds like a trivial change, as it’s really just updating the animation, but once we dug into it, it would require quite a bit of work to do properly. Hence, we’ve decided to hold fire from changing it for now. Next year we’re rolling out a brand new version of our poker server and we’ll make sure it gets incorporated in that. Thanks for the suggestion EnglishMuffin!