Answers to reports

I am wondering why we don’t get an answer when we log a report.
IE. Yesterday I reported a player who joined the site in June ( this month ), had very few chips yet was RANKED 130K. It took me MONTHS to get that low. So, please explain how some one can achieve this in a matter of 29 days or less? I was suspicious because the said player was winning everything for a period of time and it looked very suspicious to me.
I got a bog standard “Thanks for your report, this matter has now been dealt with.”
HOW was it dealt with and were my suspicions warranted?
Feedback is a two way street!

They will answear. When they can. This is a community forum.

I play a lot in low stake, 20-30k winning for me is ok, can do thet 10-20 days continously. I play 4 table same time.
Also, he could buy chips any time. Now, 375K 25 dollar. :slight_smile:

Nothing to worry there.

You should receive a note when a moderator or a staff member closes out the ticket after resolving it. It might take a day or two, depending on our load, and what the report was. Sometimes they take a little investigation.

We don’t share the results of a report with anyone but the impacted account. Everybody deserves a second chance and we’d like to try to help them understand our rules without shame. =)

I think rpp moderators do a great job watch-dogging the game. You should just spend more energy raising hour own ranking and don’t worry so about other players. If your ranking is all that important to you, buy yourself some chips. As long as ranking is based on # of chips rather than winning % you can be whatever you want to be. Vary small smile!!!

I don’t mind winning or losing as long as there is a level playing field. I asked the question because “We have resolved the issue you reported” is not an adequate answer. THAT was the point of this thread. The moderator could have said something like “He bought chips which upped his rating” or He won a lot of chips which upped his rating" or even, “We looked at the profile and habits of the player you reported and all is above board”. A bog standard answer is not always the answer! I don’t look at any profile unless I have reason to be suspicious. Mostly that look explains what the player is like. In the case I reported, the player had been playing less than a month, had a better rating by far than I did after 10 months and was consistently winning . I therefor suspected there was some form of cheat being applied. THAT is why I asked them to look at the account. The bog standard answer did not indeed answer ( for me ) my question.

If you read my post, you’d see I refer ro the “bog standard answer” I received! That is not always an acceptable answer.
However, I do appreciate your points and thanks for taking the time to respond.

They do not have other choice to answear. They cant share any the info you wish for.
Its ok stating its not enaugh for you, just you not going to get anything else. Never, ever.

End of storry, move along.

We generally will not discuss the actions taken on an account that isn’t yours. Everybody makes mistakes and should have a chance to better their reputation, we think. =) Our goal is almost always to help someone have a fun game of poker, not to punish them. We understand poker is exciting sometimes!

i had a six month long winning streak where i accumulated millions of invisible chips. except i thought i was winning because my “skills” until the really good players took it all, yes every single one of my millions of chips…i had to start from the bottom again and rethink about my poker “skills”. that’s my experience, i had a ton of invisible chips and moved way up in the ranks although my skills were really poor.
now i play games at a level that i can be competitive. i have a whole lot less chips but i have a lot more fun, for me that’s enough. oh i have change my poker strategies…maybe i’ll have millions of invisible chips again some day. lol

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