Another ticket gone!

This is the second ticket in two weeks that has been removed from my total without me using it!!! (actually the third, i believe i was not credited for 1 during the first santa box tournament!!!) I never heard a response to my first querry!!! Please let me know if someone is looking into this!!! and if i should continue participating in these tournaments just to have tickets randomly removed from my total!!!

The tickets are only good for a month from the time you win them now, maybe that is why they are gone?

Hi johnqqq

When you have doubts about your number of tickets send an email to and ask Andrew to check it for you. He can look into your ticket history. Be aware that every day 2 tourneys run which take tickets when you have them, the buy-in of the 1 million guaranteed tourneys is 1 ticket or 15k, when you have tickets it takes the ticket for the registration.

Greetings Happiness.

debbiefmc is right about the expire of tickets. You have 60 days for using a ticket, when you not use it will expire, it shows on your bank page. But every day there are 2 tourneys you can use your won tickets, so it will not be a problem to use it in 60 days.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Losing ticket!!!. Let me start by wishing you paul, as well as, the staff of replay the very happiest of holiday’s!!! The last 2 years had been very difficult for me medically speaking!!! Replay Poker has offered me a nice outlet to meet wonderful people and something to do during my recovery (ok i’m done brown-nosing LOL!!!) Anyway at the end of the first Santa box i was up to 12 tic. Yesterday i was down to 11 tic (haven’t played in million tic tournament in ages) so i wonder if u could investigate why a ticket was removed!!! I am back up to 12 tics this am due to placing 3rd in tic freeroll!!! Just hate to loose tics that take me an hour to earn LOL!!! Once again happy holidays to u and your staff at replay poker!!!

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Hi 2old4u

You find the info on the promotion page “Daily Million”.

““Please be aware that Daily Million tickets have a 60 day expiry. So do make sure you use them before then!””

Also you can see on your bank page (push on “Get Chips” and your number of tickets show below on the left) in how many days you have to use your ticket.

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