Another player ranking calculation

first of all i wanna say i know there is already a player who gave this a try, i just want to also giving this a try the more people giving thought about this, the more chance it will actually help :slight_smile:.

i have based mine on a formula to count all important things in what makes a good player and let them all count about equal. this way everything that matters will be based on the ranking: here the formula:

to use multiple stuff we need to calculate everything into the same so we can count this together, lets just call this points.
there are many things that matter in what makes a good player

  • place of bust in a tournament (as already mentioned the higher you end the better you play)
  • ring game win percentage (because not only tournaments matter there should also be a ring formula)
  • cash/lose ratio
  • win/not win ratio
  • stake difficulty
  • chip total (as we use the ranking now)
  • of course difficult moves like big laydowns and triple barrelling bluffs and much more are also important to be a good player but i won’t add this because that isn’t really doable and because the things already mentioned already are for being a good player, and to be good and beat the good players you already need to play well.

tournament bust place: lets say we have 100 people playing. so the middle is between 50 and 51. so 51 gets -1 point, 52= -2, 53= -3… 100= -50. and 50= +1, 49= +2, 48= +3… 1= +50. (this way the tournament size is counted, every place matters and because there is also - it isn’t only about who plays most but also who plays best.). sng’s get the same idea but x1,5 and hu’s x2. (because lesser people take more time in comparison). turbo sng’s keep the same (since they are already quick)
(there will be lesser value in wins and cashes this way but will be made up later on)

cash game win percentage: the buy in is the base, the % you win/lose of that amount will be your points/10.(the/10 is to keep about the same value as for the tournament formula’s) (if there are mistakes, this obviously can be changed till it’s ok.)

cash/lose ratio: lets say a tournament will cash the best 20%. this means there is 80% chance there won’t be a cash. so if you get it all your total points will be multiplied by 80%, if you not get it, all your points will be multiplied by -20%. when you played multiple games, it will be the average of them. lets say you cashed in the previous example and the next will be 30% cash chance. this one you lose so it’s -30% added. so you have now +25% left. now you win +90%. this means you have +46,66%. now we add one other thing and that is an additional percentage to the amount of + or - we have. the total percentages are 200, of which 170 are + and 30 - . since 100 would be average and 200 would be max (or 100%), 170 means we are 70% in +. the remainder of the 46,66 is 53,33, we add 70% of that to our percentage which is 37,33. so 46,66+37,33 = 84%. (this may seem strange but because we need to divide by taking the average it will give much less use to big wins or losses (especcialy by the win/no win ratio), this makes up to that loss) (cap this one at 80% or otherwise there will be no points until a cash)

win/no win ratio: same theory applies here as the cash/no cash ratio. assume there are playing 100 people in a tournament, only 1 can win so that’s 1%. which means winning gives +99% and no win -1%. when in a 6maxsng the odds are 16,66% - 83,33%. since the formula is already explained, you get what i mean. (cap this one at 80% or otherwise there will be no points until a win)

stake difficulty: when playing low stake the formula’s will be used x0,5. mid stake = x1, high stakex1,5. elite stake x2 (this is because when in higher levels you also play against better players, so better players need more skill and are worth more points.) (this even works with bankroll management as a skill, because when you play too big and lose you lose more points then you can win afterwards)

chip total: multiplier based on the current chip ranking: +5% best 500000 players, +10% best 250000, +15% best 100000, +20% best 50000, +25% best 25000, +30% best 10000, +35% best 5000, +40% best 2500, +45% best 1000, +45% best 500, +50% best 250, +55% best 100, +60% best 50, +65% best 25, +75% best 10, +80% best 5, +85% number 3, +90% number 2, +100% number 1,

so here the formula: (( (tournament bust place points * stake difficulty) + (ring game points * stake difficulty) )) * cash/lose ratio * win/no win ratio.

here a last full example: i lost half my buyin at 1 ring game mid stake, won a 50 people tournament low stake. and not cashed 30th place in a 100 person tournament high stake. both tourneys payed 20%.
cash game lost 50% of the stack, so 50/10=5. so 5 points are lost and no multiplier because of the mid stake. the won tournament gives +25/2 because of the low stake so 12,5 is won here. the 30th place tournament gives + 21 points x 1,5 because of the high stake so we have 31,5 points here. count it all together and we have 31,5 + 12,5 - 5 = 39 points. we have also 1 times +80% multiplier of the cashes and 1 -20%. so 30%+ (60% of 70) = 72%. and 98% and -1% which makes 48,5 +(99,8989% of 51,5) = 99,944798… (or to make things easy say 100%). so we have 39 + 72% = 67,08 + 100% = 134,16 points, and you are in the 10000 players with most chips so + 30%= 174,408 total of points.

the ranking will be based on who has the most points.

hope all this makes clear what i mean, if not feel free to ask more questions. suggestions are also welcome of course.
and for the people who don’t like math, the idea is a formula to count all important stuff that makes a good player together and based a ranking on that.

hope u all like it :slight_smile:

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I like it, but why isn’t this included in the other topic…???
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it’s no problem 4 me to merge them. i had chose to make a other topic because i expected it could be making things difficult forthe other players since the discussions would be about two different formulas, and when not be specific enough it may be unclear which of the 2 they are talking about.

but if it won’t cause probems for replay and you are ok with it (which you just said) it’s fine with me :slight_smile:

Its all good, either way … I guess …
The actual calc to me isn’t the issue, but just on bankroll is no rank.

i have one actually, it’s this one:

i haven’t made it on specific chips but instead i made it on the rank based on chips, this way you prevent it to shoot chip leaders into the number one spot (since they have billions of chips), but instead it makes it an part about equal value to the other parts.

just making sure this bubbles to the top of list, roflmao

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