Anonymous Endorsements

Hi Everyone,

We’re still keeping endorsements anonymous, but you have shared great feedback about our endorsement feature and I have shared them all to our Team. As always, we appreciate you sharing your ideas as they help us improve the features in our site.


I am curious as to why endorsements are a secret. I feel that if a person gives the same person more than three (3) endorsements (especailly when they are not of the same sex) should raise a red flag.


Can not give same person more than 1 in a 24-hour period.


I would like to see the title of the Helping Hand endorsement changed to Mentor (or something like that). People are giving the endorsement to others who play a hand loose and lose. I’m not a loose player but have been burned on some chances I took…I then received the Helping Hand endorsement. That endorsement really just irritates me, at this point, and has morphed into a badge of shame for those who have noticed the transformation of its meaning.


Nope, you’re probably getting the helping hand from someone who NEEDS the 25 chips as i noticed you play in small games and that’s what people do who need chips. When you play in bigger games you will not get helping hand as much, unless you help someone out etc. (the way it should be). Good luck


Check out the following post:

Is The “Helping Hand” Endorsement Used To “Troll?”

It specifically related to the topic you are sharing.

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I actually give out a Helping Hand endorsements to a player who takes out a annoying player on the table( Bingo Player, Player that is rude to the table like complaining about other players playing to slow, etc.) It happens quite a bit actually.


TY Bill you are a happy friendly skilled player yourself :slight_smile:


I have noticed that while playing various games that when I receive an endorsement and did not notice it until reviewing my home page that a message was received. The message shows a specific endorsement but it does not identify who gave the endorsement.

I believe this would be a necessary part of the communications of who gave and issued the games endorsement.

If I am missing something here, please advise me and I will adjust accordingly. Thanks!

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The endorsements have always been anonymous.

I feel the endorsements are a waste of time, the idea was probably a nice one but in reality lots of folk like myself use the poker pro one to say hello to their pals without typing and and the other two are mostly just used for trolling, I would like to know who they have been sent by, but equally would be happy to see the back of them.


Endorsement’s should and have been anonymous, It is your chance to receive from anyone or give to anyone as recognition.

Trolling? Please explain why sending endorsements is trolling?

Hi Howie
In my own experience apart from the poker pro one they are usually received after being knocked out of a tourney, if your experience is different fair enough, but I will believe the evidence of my experience and will not be gas lighted re this subject

Helping hand is often used to “award” a player who just doubled up another player, most likely trough a bad beat

  • i rarely see the endorsements in chat, could also use a color imo

OK. You are so off base with that statement. If we give or get endorsements, who we have no clue its coming from. How the Hell is that trolling?

sooo if you know who sent it what good does that do? when i get an endorsement i just say ty at the table…even if it was sent in a mean spirited way i till get the 25 lol


I think so many players are reading too much into the endorsement gestures. It’s just a nice gesture being given on a friendly poker site and nothing more.

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Pro is tainted by friends
Helping Hand is most often used for trolling

i think Good Sport could be the only one thats used as intented

Many players have mentioned this basic point. RP has basically stated the feature has been made anonymous deliberately for several reasons.

Unfortunately making it anonymous make it less engaging, interesting and fun IMO, and no i dont think u r missing anything. It is what it is…

Totally agree. I was using it for a while to say hi to a friend, but most dont bother using it and those that did no longer do… Its a boring waste of time that really accomplishes nothing significantly worthwhile.

I would be happy to disable them from my account, among some other annoying new RP features…