Annoying all-in pre-flop

Could RP make special rooms for those who go all-in over and over again before the flop so they can annoy each other there and the rest of us can really play poker for once?

Hey Jef,

We know bingo can be super frustrating, but it is a legitimate tactic in No Limit Hold’em. With that in mind, we do have a few suggestions to minimize the impact bingo has.

One of the best ways to avoid this sort of play, to a certain extent, is by playing at higher stake levels. New players or less focused players do not typically have enough chips to play in the medium or high stake games, so you encounter less “bingo” players at these levels.

Another option are “Mixed Limit” ring games, made all of the Bankroll Builders ML games, in order to deter people from going all-in before the flop. We also offer Pot Limit and Fixed Limit games.

The bright side is bingo players are never at the very table long. =)

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+Or just go find other room(s)
+Play multi rooms more likely you fold more , even more against “bingo” players…

As sad as it is, the bingo play is part of poker.

Have a bankroll, buy a horseshoe and gamble, or leave the room.

“The bright side is bingo players are never at the very table long. =)” If only it was true. I’m pretty sure I lost more than I won against bingo players. I once lost 5 rebuys playing only premium hands against an all-in-every-hand guy before he left with the chips. The trap is you know the odds are supposed to be on your side so you stay.

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Love it, also hate it.
You know, some will come here soon say “Golden nugget/Poker Superstars should check they RNG!” :fearful:

Well known poker guru and game theorist David Sklansky proposed an allin or fold tournament system in his book, ‘Tournament Poker For Advanced Players.’ This system, sometimes called the “automated poker system” was designed to give inexperienced players a way to compete with the best in the world.

If I remember correctly, the system’s main goal was to avoid post flop play, which is where inexperienced players are at their biggest disadvantage.

Can this actually work? Yes, it can. People have made WSOP final tables using this system! (not the main event, but still)

That is a great video but Gus’ strategy is totally valid given the circumstances. So his bingo play had way more chances to work since he’d only get called by a few players and only with relative premium hands. I’d call a bingo player w/ any Ax and they would have too had it made sense but it didn’t since some of them just needed to secure 4th place 3rd place etc.

Thanks for sharing, I had fun :slightly_smiling: