Announcing the Replay Poker Blog!

Today we posted our monthly leaderboard winners for the month of March! Congratulations to our chart-toppers. :trophy:

We also recently published an article by Chasetheriver on hand rankings. Most forum visitors should know the hierarchy well – it’s an article aimed more toward new players. If you’re curious about the odds, though … check it out!

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Haven’t checked out our blog in a while? You can get caught up here –

We’ve put together a series of basics, outlining premium starting hands, betting actions, and position, for any players who need to learn the foundations of Hold’em.

Chasetheriver details which type of games at Replay poker might be best for your playstyle in this article.

Did you know there may be some health benefits to playing poker as well? Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch. :wink: But check out some ways poker can help you here.

Finally, Alan25main has written two pieces of poker fiction, so take a look at Mister Bull and The Usual Crowd Shuffles In.

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Both of those articles are informative, useful, and current. If you haven’t read them yet, take a few seconds and do it; it’s time well invested.