Android App?

I just tried to download the new app at the play store and it says it is not available? Says it has been downloaded 100+ times so is it something with the play store or has the app been pulled for some reason?
I followed the link in the locked thread in announcements to try and snag it.

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I don’t know why that thread was locked as players cannot ask questions if there are problems or comments on the functionality.

So therefore I can answer your questions and you had to create another thread on it.

I hope the thread gets reopened for discussions.

I can tell you that I was able to install the Android app on my phone and now run the risk of lying in bed playing all night long on my phone. Oh no! It works perfectly. I had trouble getting my password right but once that cleared up away I went! Happy to have it available because now some of my friends will play.

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But only Ring Games as Fizzymint said correct?


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