An Online review of Replay Poker

Online Poker America, a news and review site specializing in the gaming industry published a review of Replay Poker. Below is a link to their article/review. It WILL be worth reading as are some of the “Frequently Asked Questions” they address a the bottom of the review. Bear in mind these guys owe Replay exactly nothing more than the “journalistic fairness” so often lacking in everyday news. Also note this author uses “British spellings.”
“Players at Replay Poker have a fairly good variety of games but our favourite is by far the Texas Hold’em tables as they are always packed, full of a vibrant community that we can rely on to present full and semi-full tables to participate in or spectate when we log in to our account for some Texas Hold’em action.”
Check out the full Online Poker America review of Replay Poker, here:
(note that you may have to copy and paste the address into a browser. if the link isn’t live)


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seems to me like a great review. thanks for sharing :+1:

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As well as daily rewards, players can receive extra chips from Replay Poker’s friend-referral feature, offering a jaw-dropping 10,000 play money chips with a cap of 600,000 chips so if you can find people to invite, there’s nothing stopping you from legitimately earning 600,000 chips.

LOL. If only it was real money.

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Very impressive review, thank for sharing!


haha lol, i guess that would also mean the bill of playing here would also be a bit higher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: