An extremely rich board

What a board. Possible to make a Broadway straight, flush, or full house/quads. How would you play each of these draws?

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I would not touch that flop with a barge pole unless I had a King, preferably with Queen kicker. My preference is to pick on the lame, limping and weak and get easy chips, not to get clobbered by some villain slow playing a monster like KK.

Just as I was writing this, I played this hand and slow played KK and won a very lovely pot.

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Flop … Well, if you have a Q you can check/call if you see that there is not much action, otherwise it would be check/fold.
If you have a K you should bet/call if re-reraise.

If you have two clubs it would be a check/call, unless you have like AcTc, AcJc where you could bet/cal if you have the gutshot too…

And then turn and river just difficult to say… Two little clubs should fold, K should stay, Q should fold… And river if you face a shove, it’s or straight or flush or FH there, so fold trips… But dangerous pot !