Amazon will pay you $10 for your palm prints. Should you be worried?

Amazon will pay you $10 for your palm prints. Should you be worried?

Excerpt: Critics have pointed out that having our palms scanned for increased convenience and quick(er) closing of transactions is unnecessary when a contactless payment card can do the exact same thing. And, unlike a palm print, a payment card can be easily changed if it’s compromised. Worse, with our biometric data in its hands, Amazon can essentially do what it wants with it—and this could go beyond targeted advertising, considering that Amazon has already opened its doors to third-party companies who are interested in making Amazon One a part of their business. [What could possibly go wrong? Of course Amazon would never mis-use or share our data with anyone, would they? Not even their affiliated businesses or subsidiaries, and certainly not with any governments that might have an interest in seeing what we might be purchasing, right? Right? Just a moment, there’s someone knocking on my door… Incidentally, we individuals don’t even “own” the exclusive rights to our own fingerprints–and that certainly would apply by extension to our palm prints. Be cautious and handle this issue with care, perhaps even with gloves. Alan25main]


Personally, I would not do it. I think it would be the wrong thing to do, with the way the World is today.
You never know what could happen with that, very scary. just my Opinion


Amazon will pay you $10 for your palm prints. Should you be worried?

The person that should be worried is the one asking me for my palm print. :angry: :martial_arts_uniform::boxing_glove: ….


Of course this is the first step towards a mandatory palm print.

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Yes worry the FBI infiltrated the dark net to such a degree they walked away with the identities of over a million people and if you have ever been on the dark net you know there’s some really unsavoury characters on there hence the need for a damn good VPN any ways did you know the catholic church has 51% shares in Amazon and not only that you sell your hand print who are they going to sell to or even deeper thoughts are they fronting the operation for one of the American powers to be think if a quarter of the nation give there prints thats a vast increase in crimes solved !!!

I come to poker to forget all this crap and what do i find? ALL THIS CRAP!

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Jeff Bezos owns 11 per cent of His Company and is the largest shareholder…

You should probably fact check things before you comment!

The Amazon share registry is open information - any shareholder, no matter how small, can obtain it.

None of the top 10 institutional share holders have any connection at all with the Catholic church.

You know the saying “60 seconds research makes you look 60% smarter on the internet”? … It was written just for you :rofl:




Everyone has the right to speak their minds but let us all keep thing factual and leave religion out of comments.

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thank you I stand humbly corrected many thanks


Stupid Post.

$10? The darn coppers got mine for free! :roll_eyes: