Amazing Hand Between Top Players

Thank you for your response. I was confused because (s)he was 2nd on the list last time I viewed it very recently and (s)he had well over 16 bn chips.

(S)he is probably single handily responsible for me moving up in the rankings several dozen positions because (s)he has eliminated at least that many (hundred millionaire) members in the last few years.

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LOL, yes… gg has been one of the great chip vacuums on the site, and plays a very aggressive, volatile style, that does a wonderful job of sending many players from a billion or more chips to zip quite quickly.

I have mixed feelings about gamergirl. I’m a big fan and yet (even though I don’t have any medical background in this area) I think there is something seriously wrong with her or him.

Very recently, I was reviewing the top 10 biggest pots won on the Toplist page and if I remember it correctly, GG was involved in 9 out of 10 of them and (s)he won 8 of the 9.

This may sound a little crazy on my part but I’d still like to play against her or him.

After all, what are the odds (s)he could beat me??

I think we should assume that GamerGirl is female, and just say, “She.” After all, it’s right in the name… “mergi.”

As for the odds, I would make her at least a 4-1 favorite.

Having played a fair amount heads up against her, I’d say there are definitely things to exploit, which idiotplayer was able to do, but she does apply massive pressure and sometimes you just have to hold on to your mediocre hand for dear life and put all your chips in the middle.

Some players have told me gg is male, but the name seems obviously female, and his/her profile does not specify.

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This! Why do people overcomplicates things? If I want to sell you something all night, it really is just a matter of being patient and vigilant. If you’re trying to sell me something, it’s only fair for you to do the same. When you’re heads up, you either get the feel for what someone is trying to sell, or they get lucky. With a weak flop and a strong stack, I would have also tried my dambdest to sell AA.

You barely played me what are you talking about big joe

Do you know how to count? Let alone play poker

I guess you’re right. It was a few thousand hands in 2018-2019 (maybe a few hundred hands heads up) but I’ve only played maybe 20,000 hands total since then and you’ve played maybe a few hundred thousand or million? Also I used to think you and ilovecat were the same person so maybe I’m just confused.

I just checked the toplist top 10 biggest pots and still see you were involved in 9 of the 10 but only won 4 of the 9. Sorry, I guess I was giving you more credit than you deserved.

i only play you 100 hands and 80,000 hands since then big joe

Hey GamerGirl, are you a female type woman person?

I am sure you are right. You seem to be keeping better track, though we have definitely sat at the same table more than that, maybe not heads up.

I thought this hand was you, but nope, it was ilovecat

Also, you won 15b more chips in only 80k more hands? That is impressive.

I thought someone said that ilovecat was now carisd, though I have no first hand knowledge concerning the matter.

If I am recalling correctly, carisd plays like a fairly typical replayer, while ilovecat was an aggro crusher similar to gamergirl.

Would you care to elaborate from your perspective?

Ilovecat would have called any all in bets since a boat was unlikely at any of the dealt cards.

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There are definitely things I could have done better. For example it should have been a 3bet instead of just a call. El-jog doesn’t know anything about the player, so obviously can’t assign meaningful ranges or bluff frequencies. But el-jog doesn’t care about contributing to the conversation. As a player who is still learning the game, it does help to look back at this hand. Ultimately, I think the outcome would have been in the same in this exact situation.

Ilovecat is the kind of player who would raise this flop with the ace of diamonds as a bluff or raise a smaller flush, so even if there were enough re-raises to indicate that I might be behind, I was never going to fold the third nuts.

My river bet (and size) was probably quite bad.