All the suits in a hand you are dealt

I found out that most of the games won are straights, flushes and full houses. When ever I got a hand with all 4 suits, I do not recall ever winning the hand.
Almost the same for double suited hands.

Can we assume from this that you are talking about Omaha?

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Definitely. I played over 100 hours , and for the pattern exists . I also get compromised most of the time with Ace 2, or Ace 3.
You need a back up number.

Omaha is a game of the nuts. One shouldn’t expect to win with midling hands, especially in hi/lo.

A2 and A3 are easily counterfeited, which is why you should have at least 3 wheel cards. Even then, you will get quartered low quite often.

You say flushes win a lot, then say you hardly ever make winning flushes. If flushes win a lot, someone is making them. Are you suggesting that the game singles you out for special treatment?

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I agree on the ACE 2 and Ace 3, but also if you get trips on the 1st card or the 2nd, most of the time you never get a full house so do not bet too much.