All Mtt's having at least 15 minutes for late reg

I feel ALL MTTT’s should have at least 15 minutes for late registration.
Ruthie’s Round-up for instance, doesn’t even show up on the dashboard…needs 15 minutes for late’s :slight_smile:

About 50% of all players signing up for freerolls–other events may vary–do it in the last 20 to 30 minutes plus the existing 5 minute late registration period. I doubt extending the “late” entry period would add anything positive to the games, and could well discourage some from playing the whole game. Even the five minutes is generous. If the train leaves the station at 5:04PM, can you still board at 5:09PM after the train has departed? So, why should even later entry be encouraged? Just my opinion.

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I have to agree. After a few months here and one has settled in one knows when their favorite tourney’s start. 5 min. for FR and 10 min. MAX for the rest is plenty of time.

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I agree with Alan and Finn, i have never understood why there is any late registration at all, if you can’t make it on time then you don’t play…plain and simple !

Five minutes is generous for late registration There is no good reason to give players almost three levels ( 18 minutes) to begin playing. Relay should not give players three levels (18 minutes) to show up at the tables. I would think one level ( 6 minutes) to show up and play would be plenty of time. It ruins the game for the players that do show up on time especially at 6 player tables when we have to wait 18 minutes to get active players at the table.

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Thanks for the feedback, I can see that I’m in the minority.
The reason I wanted more time for late’s is because I like larger turnouts in the MTT’s I play, like to see them pay top ten at least. That way if I make the Final Table, I’m definitely in the money (mostly play 9 seater’s). Ruthie’s Round-up has only paid top 4 last two times I’ve played, but since I made the money both times anyway, guess I’m fine with the current 10 minutes for lates. Figured since Ruthie’s doesn’t even make the dashboard, that it needed more time. I don’t play freerolls, I’d say those probably shouldn’t have any late time for regs., or perhaps 5 minutes only. High-end MTT’s could use more time, low-end not so much. Have a great day!

…been thinking, and seeing what happens…ALL multi-table that are NOT on dashboard b4 they start, SHOULD have at least 15 minutes for late’s…would improve high-end T’s thanks!