All in v Overbets

All in. So many all ins - So much rubbish. Clearly some use it as a bluffing tool but it sure looks ugly when they get called ! Surely there s no need to put ALL your chips on the line when an over pot size bet will normally have the same effect ? Even AA or KK all in pre or post flop can be a risky proposition with cards to come, wouldn t an overbet be a much more sensible move and if somebody calls you at least you can have a think about what you may be facing and consider your next bet ? Betting your entire stack when you have the nuts of course is another thing, you cant be beaten but are you extracting the max value ? Only if you get a caller.
Somebody once told me to never call an all in unless you have the nuts or near nuts, I don`t follow that advice to the letter but I do think twice before calling an all in even if my opponent is a known fish- they can still flop the goods like anyone else.

FTR I`m just talking about ring/Cash games not tournaments here