All-in; slow down the deal

1: when everyone is all-in, slow down the revealing/dealing of the cards (more dramatic/entertaining and gives players chance to study who had what, when there are multiple players; in real time, without going to replay box). since there is supposed to be some entertainment/fun element to playing poker.

2: when going to the replay box, and you show what Mr X had in his hand, SHADOW or color his/her hole card(s). sinbce the reason for having the replay box is to help us learn, and gain insite into a players style, etc quickly seeing what was in his hand going into the reveal can be (quickly) informative, and then easier to return your mind to the table to see whats going on in the next hand, without having to split your attention. i think this would help us beginners get into the learning and thot process of all the different players we come across @ each table. it also opens up your ability to learn and read differnt players and styles, which i think is one of the really strong things about RP. and, 3: hows the thinking/development going on simpifying the betting, by using chip targets, pre-chip stacking etc to speed betting, and reducing mistakes when betting using the SLIDER, which can be tricky at times (especially on lighting tables/tourneys). at least how about a bigger ZERO, sometimes its easy to miss the start, and the clock is always running=more tension. the slider is especially hard to control as your bank goes up (a little movement = alot of $$$).

Thanks for the feedback bubbabeanne. Could I ask you to create separate topics in future for each idea, that way it’s easier for other players to comment.

About the slow down, I’m not sure, some players might complain that it slows the game down too much. I’d be interested to hear player’s views.

About the replay box, do you mean the chat box on the table? Or do you mean the replay itself? Can you give an actual example of a hand and how you’d want it to be formatted, then perhaps it’s something we can updated.

About the quick bet buttons - YES, we plan to add these shortly! :slight_smile:

Good idea

Yes, would like to see hands persist for a bit, to review why I (surprise) lost. Certainly cant hold up the game though. No time to write down hand number.

I agree. Good idea.

agree completely, slow down the deal on all ins and put a little suspense in it !