All in playing - what to do?

Hi i have only played for a year now, i started playing at NLOP and suddenly, this All in players came in, at first i reacted like many players here, i folded, and hoped they would dissapear, but they did not and more where comming in, then i decided to learn it, to cope with it instead of folding i agreed and learned it, of course you win and loose, as in bingo, but the advantage is, if you win you can have so much chips that you are able to win a tournament, so i did this in the ( R & B - Bankroll builder ) as the fun and because i love when it is possible to add more chips when you loose.
I belive it would be better to talk about it, as i also can se many good players are doing it in the end of a tournament, to gain chips from others, and to win big.

Hi Fairy, I find the best way to play all ins and bluffers is to play them with value.

Thanks my friend… and i did answer you in your inbox… as i did not know or could find… this way to reply

  • And my point is still - WE Have To Face - we will have - all in players comming, as they find the link on You tube… where they learn they can winn big by this way of playing

The thing is, long term this will not work. No one will ever actually make it in any large field tournament consistently by going all in, in fact it is considered general poker theory to avoid ever going all in. I understand this is difficult in the buy and rebuy but nevertheless you never see this strategy in the high stakes because it simply is ineffective long term and won’t lead to success or any improved poker skill.