All-In or Fold Tables

still just about luck

that is all holdem is luck, either you have the cards or you don’t.

There’s lots of guys that do this now anyways…if you want to do that go flip a coin somewhere

Agree with coppertop that this ISN’T poker.

Most of the players on this site wouldn’t last 2 minutes in a live tourney and a quicker clock or the option to join a table with a faster clock would be nice!

People go all in period whether they have 2/3 or A/A - they don’t want to play real poker they want to play what I call is lottery poker!!! I don’t even know why this question came up anyway players already doing it anyway!!! So NO it’s hard enough to earn chips at this site anyway!!! Unless you are a Jack Axx and get lucky by going all in whether you win or everyone folds!!! If things don’t get better I won’t be playing here anyway!!! Not that it matters to anyone anyway!!!

thets why we want all in tables … .so others can play “real” poker. close to it.

I think there should be still CHECK and CALL possibility in this kind of game. Otherwise all action would take place pre-flop (either you fold or go all in). Later betting rounds would be eliminated which means it is no longer a poker game.

The correct formula is this: everything is the same as in a normal game, the only difference is that the only possible BET is ALL IN. You can still CALL and CHECK.

Imagine there are 3 players having 1500, 3000 and 4500 chips respectively.

The first player goes all in and the other two call. Flop comes and the second player still has 1500 chips, the third one 3000 chips to bet with. So there can be meaningful betting on the flop, turn and river.

With these rules this is still a poker game though a radical one. Which is fine.

I think this idea should be implemented.

something i would try only if i could check or fold

Maybe Replay can test both. Both are very different.

All in or Fold was played in High Stake often. It was a way to lose all your chips in a very short time or win a lot. But the rule was no raise after an all in. The All Inn was always expensive. So a lot of folding. Very fast game.

Option 1, the very fast game.

Pre flop, the buttons ALL IN and FOLD. As soon as 1 player goes all in, the others (who still in the game) gets the buttons CALL and FOLD. After flop no buttons any more. Turn and river comes on table. It is very fast, lot of players fold, so you dont have to wait long for the next hand.

Option 2.

Pre flop. the buttons ALL IN and FOLD As soon as 1 player goes all in the others can CALL or FOLD After flop the players with chips can ALL IN or CALL or CHECK, after an all in the players who are still in the game the buttons CALL or FOLD, bit like the normal game.

After turn and river the same.

There should be an option to call the big blind pre-flop in the normal variation. So if no one bets you can reach the flop at the price of the big blind. This is not contrary to the logic of all in bets (since the blinds are obligatory - not really bets).

You may call the normal variation ‘ALL IN BETS’ and the crazy one ‘ALL IN OR FOLD’.

When there are no callers (no all inners) the player with the big blind wins automatically, that can be set automatically in that game (i think)

I have to correct myself: all in or fold without call and check is still poker (position and other players actions - loose/tight - still matter besides the objective value of starting hands). Calling it simply bingo is not justified criticism.

What is true that It is no longer Texas Holdem poker since there are no betting rounds. ‘Flop’, ‘turn’ and ‘river’ make no sense here.

I am a new player, and the first thing you notice, is that there is no penalty to going all in, all in, all in. If you would less buy ins per hour, so they would be out as opposed to just re buy, re buy, and they had these tables for them to go to. Just my thoughts. Thanks Ironstrawwoo

Be patient and make them pay when you can!

i think with your idea it would lessen bingo players in normal tables and would benefit everyone one.

in live games there isnt a timer,im against all in or fold tables b/c that just takes the fun out of poker,Theres just way to much luck with them kind of tables


This idea could be the solution for players that love to play all in or fold.

I agree marcipan this gives those that play that way tables where they fit.

I like Option 1. Good Idea Happiness.