All-In Maniacs

I think more people should exercise their willpower. The good news is at least we haven’t heard anybody reporting that aliens are playing the free-rolls. Go aliens!


I am much more interested in the way you played this hand agacord232.
You called the 600 chip blind and called a 600 chip raise from readyrex pre-flop. You now have 1260 chips invested into a 3300 chip pot. Flop is T 2 6 rainbow. readyrex all-ins his last 13 chips and you fold… . You were getting 255/1 to call. If your hand was good enough to call twice for a total of 1200 chips pre-flop what on that board was so scary that 13 more was too much?.
Obviously with a player capable of this outstanding play Replay must be rigging the tables against you. Or maybe you just ain’t as good as you think.

Can’t fool me; that’s PokerSharkz! (Inside joke between Sharon and I and a number of others who know the story.) ;&^ )

I don’t know Scratch think I have seen the one in the hoody on my table a few times . :innocent:

Sharon, I honestly think we are both right. If I am not mistaken that is the great Venusian Valiant Thor’s grandson Flip Thor, and now realize he is playing here as Valiant Not. I can’t keep track any more.


Update: Valiant Thor and his wife or daughter arrived on earth in early 1953. Technically, because nobody has proved that Jill is Earthen or Venusian. Their son had no fingerprints but did have a naval. This further confused the genesis of Valiant Not. I would say he is Earten, hence the charge of aliens here still holds true. I pose the following as proof:

Well , can’t argue with that…lol… you win

Scratch, I used Poker Academy to learn the game back in ''03 or '04… awesome bit of software. I don’t remember Polaris as one of the bots, but Vexbot gave me fits. Vexbot didn’t play to win, it played to not lose.

PA used advanced adaptive AI that would adapt its play to your style. The Ai came from the University of Alberta’s AI labs, which also wrote the checkers program that, at least as far as I know, nobody has ever beaten… ever.

If you could find a copy of this software, it’s worth a look.

It was 2007 that Polaris made its debut:

Recall that you could adapt the style of play of each of the bots you played again. They were the precursors to Polaris, good enough for the store-bought poker game but not good enough for serious poker of Poker Academy Online, that is until Polaris was developed.

The quick history is that they did allow the online players to have a chance at Polaris. Soon after Biotools stopped funding the online game. The game ran with a few volunteer developers but when they could not afford to do it any longer the online game crashed. Biotools also had stopped selling the home game, the vehicle to the online game also around this time. In the end Biotools sold everything to Full Tilt Poker, who was not interested in running. The end of hope for the Poker Academy players occurred on Black Friday when the big three, including FTP were shut down in the US. I am led to believe Poker Stars wound up with FTP and presumably Poker Academy with it.

I had Poker Academy on three computers ago, so I no longer have it.

But now the good news: About three years ago in running a Poker Googles Group I was approached by a man who had a game out called Poker Genius. He said it was just like the Poker Academy home game. It was exactly the same game because this guy lifted the software. Every now and then I run across the software being marketed. Try a Google search for Poker Genius. If you get ahold of it you will be holding the store bought bot version of Poker Academy, exactly the same.


Sing along

Well, that would explain it. Thanks for the info!

Polaris was only for heads up Limit HE and as Scratch mentioned only available in the online section of PA.

@classlessclay totally jugged my picture… just saying

Well…it is not poker. And you usually lose. Maybe try something new.

poker requires bluffing and all ins can be bluffs , semi buffs and the nuts. so you can always fold nit.

I know exactly what this complaint is ALL about.


These LOSERS know they’ll be given more tomorrow so they play like babies.

The only HOPE is to wait them out, Babies like these don’t know how to play.

Hope this helps explain.

Have a good time, Wait them out then kill them off with skill and a good hand.

nah when you post your picture.