After sitout i had to post sb and bb


Hey Separi,

We fixed a glitch where a player could sit out when he/she had to pay some blind, and would come back right on the next hand, without paying it.

What happened to you was that you missed both blinds, so you should either pay both or wait for the big blind.

The rule that we implemented is the following: “9. A player who misses any or all blinds can resume play by either posting all the blinds missed or waiting for the big blind. If you choose to post the total amount of the blinds, an amount up to the size of the minimum opening bet is live. The remainder is taken by the dealer to the center of the pot and is not part of your bet. When it is your next turn to act, you have the option to raise.”

Hope that’s clear, have a nice weekend!

Ah ok, usually its only bb (atleast i think so), but im totally fine with bb + sb.